Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well, This Be Fuhggin' Embarrassin'

So, I's got my dwarf on, and I's doing some questing in Ashenvale. Doing quests there is just like doing'em fer the Horde, only completely different. At least I ain't havin' ta open up every dang thing I kill to see if'n it ate Page 7 fer them Warsong Ninnies. Anywho, I get this quest to go do fer a bugger down in the Barrens, and I's thinking I's gonna have to fight me way through the Mor'shan Ramparts ta gets there. And that's gonna take some doings. After alls, it be a near-impenetrable barrier guarding the Horde's northern border.

But I got a job ta do, so I girds me loins and treks over there. And what do I finds? A great big fuhggin' hole in the wall, just to the east of the gate. When yer comin' up the road from the south it be hidden behind some trees, but fer them Nelfs and other scuzzy Alliance types coming down from the north it be plain as day. So much fer the great northern barrier wall. Is fuhggin' embarrassing.

I thought about runnin' over to the garrison and letting'em know about they's stupids, but ended up just sayin' "fuhggit" and climbed up Dreadmist Peak so's I could whack Mister Foulborne and get me pay.


Grimmtooth said...

Hah! Yes, you've found the dirty little secret!

It's for the best, really. We keep "accidentally" dropping barrels of stout on the way to Northwatch Hold, and they politely look he other way.

We could show those Goblins a thing or two, we could.

/emofire said...

Oops, we've been found out. XD

Anonymous said...

Thats govt work for ya. See the fence by the main road is all guarded and secured as thats the main one Thrall will pass through but go off the road a bit and you find that. If you want it fixed I'd bring it to Thrall's attention after going through all the red tape to actually get to talk to him.

Anonymous said...

Man I always wondered how those fairy looking nelves sneaked into our lands to pillage and steal our loot and our Deviate Fish!

Anonymous said...

I miss not knowing things in WoW. I had the most fun ever just running around seeing things when I was a level 12 resto druid. Yeah. I died a lot, but I was an explorer.