Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ponderings of the Futures

Okay, here's the thing. We's going to Northrend. Soonish. Preparations is being made for ships, rumours is flying, is gonna happen. And is gonna be like when the Dark Portal opened, sort of, with a huge mass of folks what been at the max level for a long time charging at once, and then a slow stream of alts, newcomers, and folks what just took they's time coming in the months to follow.

But here's what I think is different. The Epics. As I understands it, ya pretty much hadda raid ta get yer epics back in the day. And raiding meant starting in Molten Core, which meant 40 people. And no badges off of bosses, so only a few could get epics each week. There was some craftable epics, but these was tied to reputations which was mainly built up by raiding ZG or AQ or whatevers. So, I's pretty sure alot of folks didn't get any, or only a few, epics. Me, I were still looking for Mankrik's wife at the time, so I's kinda extrapolatifying here.

But here in Outland things is differents. Take me, fer example. I ain't never killed a heroic boss, never been to Kara or any of the raids what comes after, and I've got a few badgers of justice from the SSO but not enoughs ta buy nuthin' yet. And yet, a quick check of me gear shows I's got seven epics on. Seven. PvP gear, rep rewards, crafted, BoE's, and loot off the Headless Horseman. I's got more epics in the bank fer tanking and fer PvPing. And I's planning to pick up a few more before going to Northrend. So, I think is fair ta say what epics is easier ta get then they used ta be. Mebbe good, mebbe bad, I dunno, but it is.

Now, we all know at somepoint epics is gonna be replaced by quest rewards. And that's fine. But, what I's pondering is, how tough is those quests gonna be? 'Cause, ya see, that slow stream of adventurers behind the initial wave won't have had months to assemble epic gear. Or even blues. If they's only level 68, they won't even have them PvP faction rares we 70s all think is so entry level. So. What's it gonna be? Is that first zone gonna be a walk in the park fer me, or is I gonna be challenged? Is me young friends like Ellspeth and Palintera gonna find it to be comparable to the leveling they've been doing (once they get there) or is they gonna get creamed because they're only equipping greens from Nagrand and Blade's Edge?

I guess we'll find out, won't we?

They's Still Out There

One Google search what often brings buggers to this here blog is "gnome porn." I ain't sure what them buggers is looking for, but what they get is this. Remember that day? That were a fine day. And some of them little hard-running easy-dieing racers? They's still out there, killing mobs and clawing they's way up the leveling ladder.So, last night's raid done got canceled, and so I go off to farm me some motes of shadow fer me Shadow Resist gear. But pretty soon I's thinking if I gotta kill one more of them voidwalkers I's gonna go stark befreakin' loony. 'Bout then I get a whisper from Gnomnclature the racer from Team Game Dame, informing me that yay! she has a demon pony now. So I sez Hey! Think that pony could get you all the way to the Scarlet Monastery? And she sez Ya, I think! so off we wents.

Now, I's run through the old SM so many times I can do it in me sleep. I can do it while catching up on me blog readings. I can do it starkers. But I ain't never done it as a priest before. Took a bit of practice figgering out how ta kill them Scarlet buggers withouts going oom every other fight. No AoE attack, or even a multi-target attack like cleave, fer shadow priests. But I eventually settled on a Naughty Touch and Face Smelting routine, interspersed with some wanding and Floppy Shadow tanking.

And when the dust settled, we were victorious. Bosses were dead, experience was gained, and little Gnomnclature got teh hat. Way, way more fun than killing 500 more voidwalkers.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Now, there's a certain guildie of mine, who shall remain nameless along with his cat, what enjoys showing off WWS reports where his dps numbers is uber high. Well, others can play that game. Check out these numbers from Tempest Keep. That's right, over 1.3 million in overhealing. Now that's fuhggin' e-peen, baby, shnofizzle!
Improved Vampiric Embrace - keeps you more alive than alive!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This One's Fer Doom

Doom! Go gets!

Prophet Velen, You Ain't No Jaina Proudmoore

So, I's been taking advantage of the fact what me dwarf disguise sometimes buggers up and turns me inta a draenaninae, with horns and chintacles and all, to have some fun clearing out the bad guys on Bloodmyst and earn some money. The other day I helped this one bugger kill a buncha evil blood evils and one really tall spacegoat chick so he could blow up Victor's Coil. Never did find out who Victor was. It were easy to tell these were evil blood elves as opposed ta the good ones in Shat and Silvermoon, 'cause I were gettin' paid for to put they's arses down. Anywho, afters we's done I go back ta Blood Watch ta pick up me reward, and the local chief spacegoat says "Oh by the way, there's this really old gluppersugger outside wants to talk to you."

So I steps outside, and there's Prophet Velen waiting fer me - the top Dreannannenei hisself. Now you may remembers what Jaina saw through me disguise like it were made of really easy ta see through stuff, and I's expecting this bugger ta do the same. And he don't strike me as the type to be hungry fer some orc-lovin' the way she were, no matters how amazingly virile I is. And this makes me a little nervous.

But no - he were totally fooled. Slapped me on the shoulder, said I'd done fulfilled some ancient prophecy, saved the spacegoats, blah blah blah. And he talked on and on, and sorta drifted off ta sleep a bit before waking up and talking some more. Lotta stuff about Kil'jaeden and Gul'dan and evil treacherous orcs and spaceships and that thing that spacegoat wimmens do with they's tails and whoo doggie don't that feel good. Okay, mebbe he didn't say that last part and I were mentally drifting during his speachifyings. Not sure. I can't be bothered ta keep track of the details.

Eventually he got to the end and gave me a nice ring and a kinda ugly tabard, both of which they only gives ta the greatest spacegoat heroes. Pfft. Whatta noob. I were half-tempted ta take me disguise off then and there, just ta see the look on his face, but I didn't. He also offered me the hand of his oldest daughter, but I could tell by lookin' at him what he hadn't gotten his groove on in over a thousand years, and while older wimmens is fine now and then, there's a limit, ya know? So I told him no thankee, I weren't the marrying type.

So we had us a party, me and the spacegoats and the furblogs and Admiral Odysseus' crew and all. And I showed Kyleen Il'dinare a few tricks ya don't learn by worshipping the light on top of a giant tree, which she were most grateful for several times. And Prophet Velen? That old fool never did figger out who I really were. So much fer prophecisings.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Is Where Ratter Don't Stay Away From Da Voodoo

Is a quick set of trophy shots from me first trip into Zul'Amman. Apparentlies them trolls been getting uppity, and there's a need to deal with'ems before they start causin' troubles down in the Hinterlands. Otherwise, we'd be leavin' them alone so's they can go fix up Blef Kabobs to they's heart's content. Was a short run, and most of us was there for ta learn the fights and have us some fun. Mission accomplished, both cases.

Is much thanks to me guildies fer organizing ths raid and making it happens.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Quick Comment

Ya know them little Greengill Murlocs, what ya frees from the nagas by chuckin' mind control orbs at? They don't hold aggro worth doodly.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mebbe Is The Buffalo-Style Arrakoa Wings I Serves

Hit a milestone today here at Need More Rage - our 100,000th visitor. Dang, is a lot zeros. I confesses I's never entirely understood the popularity of this silly little blog written by a simple orc from Durotar. Ain't like I offers theorycrafting tips or great strategies or hot tauren-on-gnome porn vids. But here you all is, and on behalf of Team Ratshag I wants ta thank you buggers fer stopping by.

Who was #100k? Dunno, but him or her is in Chicago (is a town in Un'goro Crater, I thinks) and was here 'round 10:20 Central Time. If that were you. feel free ta say so, and I'll gives ya a hug or sumthin'.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Assgalore No More

Since the Sunday night raid (which I weren't on) took care of the first three bosses already, tonight we was able to start off on Assgalore. This were my first look at that fubbernunker, who refused to go down the past two weeks. But tonight we one-shotted the bugger, and pulled three sets of gloves and a healadin belt off of his dead carcass. Mighta been a fifth thing - I can't be bothered ta keep track of the details. Anywho, here we is, whooping it up on his dead self.

Then we rode up the mountain to pay our respects ta his friend, Archi. Along the way, our MT promised ta provides oral gratificationals ta everyone in the raid if we one-shotted him too. Then he promptly went and face-pulled the bugger while scouting for where to do the tanking, when most of us was still halfway across the valley. So that were a wipe, and made sure he didn't haveta make good on his promise. Convenient, that. We made a coupla more tries, just to get a sense of what the fight'll be like fer real next week, then we called it a night.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Popping Me Healing Cherry

Had me quite a day Saturday. Ran into me old friend Tantria, who were pushing ta finallies get them last few steps ta 70 taken care of. Now, she been chasing me fer a long, long time, and is good ta see her about ta finally about ta catch me. So we spent the morning killing ogres in Nagrand and Blades Edge, and when I left she were up a half a season. Go, go you goo!

So, laters in the day I'm killing the daily infestation of demons out Sunwell way, when one of me guildies asks if anyone's available to help him run Black Morass fer to get his Kara key. I tells him I'd be happy ta help, but them stopwatch keeper dudes still want me ta prove me dworcish self by busting that noob Thrall out've his cell first. Well, that' okay with everybody, so we got us a party fer Caverns of Time. I look at me teammates, and I see two warriors, a rogue, and the crimson feline hisself.

"So, I guess I'm healing then."

"Looks that way, dude."

Mmmmm, okay. I swing by the bank and pull out the bag with me collection of never used, just-in-case healing gear. Is an odd mix of Kara drops no one wanted and things I collected back in me questing days. All assembled, I ended up with about +1200 healing. Then the tricky part - finding the right spells in me spellbook. Did some frantic cramming on me way to the instance, I tells ya.

The runs theyselves were actually anticlamactic. We outgeared the instances by a fair amount, and cruised through them pretty easily. It felt weird ta not be targetting the buggers we was there ta kill, after so long as a tank and then a dps'er. And I were overhealing like mad crazy at first, but I eventually settled down and stopped freaking if the tank fell below 98% health. And we rumbled through with no fatalities. Wewt! Unfortunatelies, the trinket BRK's been lusting for since, I dunno, I were an orcling back in Searing Gorge er sumthin, did not drop. Sorries, bro. I'd've ripped from that dragon with me bare hands fer ya, if I coulda.
Is me in the foreground, all non-shadowy

And just 'cause it laughified me, here's me before and after conversationalizings with Bell:

[21:40] Ratshag: they need me to heal; this could be interesting
[21:43] Bellwether: yay!
[21:43] Bellwether: heal!
[21:43] Bellwether: healhealhealheal
[21:44] Bellwether: those holy ones
[21:44] Bellwether: the um
[21:44] Bellwether: healy things
[21:45] Ratshag: "heal" "greater heal" "lesser heal"
[21:45] Ratshag: then that HoT one
[21:45] Bellwether: renew!
[21:45] Bellwether: binding heal?
[21:45] Bellwether: ooh, chastise!
[21:45] Bellwether: is not a heal
[21:45] Bellwether: but ooh, chastise!
[21:45] Ratshag: rofl

[23:38] Bellwether: how was healing?
[23:38] Ratshag: OMG NO ONE DIED
[23:38] Bellwether: yay!
[23:38] Ratshag: (helped that everyone was in epics, but still!)
[23:38] Bellwether: you broke your healer cherry?
[23:38] Ratshag: ya
[23:39] Bellwether: nice
[23:39] Bellwether: blog post go

Blog post done gone, Bell.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is Where Palintera Feels Caught In The Middle

Ummm.... why?

To show druid solidarity!

'licious, I don't even know what it means.

It means "for sure". You know, like "Foshizzle, my nizzle."

You've been sipping elixirs of water breathing while in aquatic form again, haven't you?

No! Not really. Well, okay, yeah, a few. But that's got nothing to do with this.

I don't think I want to get caught between Ms. Shadow and Mister Kitty.

How would you be caught in the middle? Windshadow's our GM, for the love of Pete!

Yes, but Mister Kitty is a friend of Mister Shag's. They raid together, and I even heard that Mister Shag is giving him lessons on how to be amazingly virile. I mean, for a hunter, you know.

Oh come on, Pali, don't be silly. Rats has shown solidarity with the druid community before.

Yes, but that was against Blizz. This is another blogger. One who's ...throwing lawsuits around. I don't want to get in trouble.

Oh, pfft. Is this the same girl who charged a Pit Lord with me? Who showed me the secret back door into Orgrimmar? Who backs me up every time we run across a flagged 70th season blood elf? I'm sorry, I thought I was hanging with Palintera the Bold, druidling extraordinaire, not Mousecakes the Wuss. I'm outta here!

Wait. Ummm....

Say it! You know you want to!


Say it! Foshizzle. FoshizzlefoshizzlefoshizzlefoshizzlefoshizzlefoshizzleFOSHIZZLE!


Elune be praised! Pali's showing solidarity! Now let's go get your mother to say it!

Agh! No! Feral you come back here!

Is Where Ratter Gets Nekkid

Rats! You sez. What the fuhg you doin' in Mechanar by yerself with no clothes on?

I so glad you ask.

Ya see, fer a long time me rep with them glowy crystal Sha'tar dudes been stuck at 5999/6000 friendly. And there weren't no quests I could do ta get that bump up ta honored. So I figgers I just need ta kill one blood elf up in Mech, and then me rep'd bump up, and I could get a heroic key and all that. Howevers, not only is them elves elites, but they's in packs of three and they got these badass robots with'em. No way I can take'em all out by meself. Now, I could go find a tank and a healer and persuades'em ta help me out, with offers of DangerMouse's cookies and personal services. But that'd be conventional. Not me style.

So instead what I does is, I walks in the front door and starts mind controlling one of them three elves. At which point the other two and the robots all go "Crap! It's really Ratshag in an Elf costume! Get him!" and they does, until all that's left is elf-smoosh. But then they look and see me wigglin' me fingers over by the door. "No! It's a trick by that sneaky orc! He's in a dwarf costume over there!" And they all come after me. Which be me cue to bubble and run fer the door. Mebbe I make it, mebbe not.

And that's where the nekkid part comes in. I don't wanna get me fine gear all messed up by elves and robots kickin' the snot outta me. Better they just take it out on me skin - no dry cleaning fees fer that.

Afters elf the first is down, I go back and repeat with elf number two. Now, so far I ain't got no rep, 'cause even though they's dead, it weren't technically me what did they dead. But now there's just the one left. And I can burn down one funkerdumpin elf, no worries. And the reward fer all me trouble?

Friday, July 18, 2008

EC Kicks Arse, Takes Names

'Ello there! Phoenicia here, Team Ratshag's baby tank. Mah mates in the Eternal Covenant and I have been having some adventures lately, and the boss asked meh ta tell you aboot t'em.

First we went ta t'is lost temple in Ashenvale called Blackfathom Deeps. I'm sure the elves called it somet'ing else back when it was in operation, and not sunk oonder the sea. You'll notice there's six of us in the pictoore - we find that the arbitrary number of five per dungeon run just doesn't work for us, so we've been raiding instead. Some quest givers don't like that, but most of them don't seem to mind. We defeated a number of the bosses there, and I got mah hands on some Tortoise Armor and a pair of Beetle Clasps. Having good gear is very important for a warrior, the boss always says.
Wee Baggit is sitting down on the job, drinking again. He says it's because he's a mage, but I think he just likes ta sit and drink.

And then last night, we went into another hive of scum and villiany called Razorfen Kraul. It's all the way at the soothern end of the Barrens, a fair hike from Ratchet. I'd found a rather flat dwarf down near the base of the Great Lift, you see, and he was still holding a journal describing the nasty goings on of those pig-men he experienced in t'ere ere he escaped. Oh, and there was a night elf still being held prisoner. So in we went, for honor and justice and, most of all, for loot!
Well, that Night Elf? He was already dying, but we did manage to retrieve his pendant so we could give it back to his wife. We killed pretty much ever last glunkerpugger in that nest, as the boss would say, including The Crone herself. And loot? I think everyone got somet'ing - I picked mahself up a nice brainbucket for when I'm soloing.
I t'ink we'll be going back next week, to see if we missed any of those pig-men, expecially the ones with loot. After that, I hear there's a bunch of those Scarlet Crusade crazies up in a monastery in Lordaeron - mayhap we'll pay them a visit.

We're Gonna Do Heroic WHAT?

Lazy-arse screenshot post of a conversation betweens me and teh squeaky priest. I's all fer broadening me experiences and all, but, um, I ain't sure about this one.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ellspeth Has A Pony

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to show off my new pony. Isn't he pretty? And when he steps on toads and rabbits they make a really neat sizzling sound. I haven't decided yet if I want to name him Archineferon or Binky. What do you think? My friend Suptail got a kodo yesterday too, but when it steps on things they just go squish.

What's that, Rat? Oh, okay, I'll tell them.

Rat wants everyone to know that he and twenty-four minions killed a really big Naga last night in this place called the Black Temple. He's trying to be cool about it, like it's just another day at the raid, but I know he's all excited and that he's really hoping to get a chance to play "Who's Yer Daddy, BEEEEYATCH?!" with Illidan someday.

Well, I'm going to go see just how fast Archinefebinky can go. Tootles!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ready Fer Black Temple

So, me guild is going to knock on Mister "I Haz Warglaives" Illidan's front door tonight and say hello ta Hyper Warlord Naj. And the word from the sqeaky one herself is:

"make sure you have at least 8.5K HPs unbuffed for this fight, it is MANDATORY"

Now, if I were runnin' as meself, 'stead of in me squishy dwarf costume, that'd be nuthin'. Fuhg, I's almost there starkers. But I'm priesting it, so is a little tougher. But. A little PvP gear, some fortitudifying enchants, back to the staff 'stead of the one-hander, and looky there. I makes the mandatory.

EDIT FOR GREAT CLARIFICATIONS: Is 8501 health in the completely unbuffified. No fort, no fed, no nuthin'.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When You've Had A Crappy Day...

... hanging out with a friend and killing stuff (or watching her kill stuff) can be very satisfying.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Day In The Life of a Twink

Ishnu-alah. My name is Dakoneris, and I am a twink.

Being a twink is a path very different from that taken by other adventurers. I no longer explore new lands, fight monsters, or defend the lost and helpless. My abilities do not grow with time. Because my gear is, or nearly is, the best available, I have no need to replace it. Instead, my goal is purely to assist the Silverwing Sentinels defend Warsong Gulch from those who would cut down its trees and desecrate the land.

Why does Team Ratshag have a twink on its roster? My role on the team has been to provide knowledge; primarily of Player vs Player combat, but also initially it was to provide knowledge of the Alliance. For a time I was the most seasoned Alliance member of the Team, and I was able to provide advice to those who came later, such as Miss Palintera and Miss Phoenicia, as well as Mister Ratshag himself. I believe Mister Ratshag also derives some vicarious enjoyments from hearing of my adventures.

For myself, I do this to support my family. By being a twink, not only am I able to provide a good living for my wife Alynn and my daughter Kalandra, but I am able to return to Teldrassil every evening. To me, this is worth far more than the opportunity to see the Blasted Lands or Hellfire Peninsula or any other treeless wasteland. I respect the desire of others to acquire wealth or fame or power, but that is not for me. I will get to watch my daughter grow up in a stable home, and that is riches enough for this warrior.

Every day, I check in with either a Silverwing Battlemaster or Emissary, to receive my assignments. Because the ritualized rules of the Gulch require a near-even balance of forces, and there are many more Alliance adventurers than Horde in my Battlegroup, there is often a need to wait before entering combat.

To help provide an income for my family, as well as to pass the time, I often spend the slow times between battles doing mining sweeps in Elwynn Forest. There is plenty of copper here, which sells well, and the local denizens are usually wise enough to keep their distance.

My preference is to do battle alongside my guildmates from Farstriders Elite, particularly my friend Miss Aurum. However, yesterday there were no other nineteenth season members online, and so I entered the Gulch with strangers. I did have the opportunity to say hello to Miss Hydrargyrum, though, and that was a pleasure, as always. She had been most kind and helpful in my efforts to acquire my gear, and I am honored to call her a friend, even if she is almost evil.

Here are the results from battles, each a good example of how things can proceed in Warsong Gulch. In the first, I was able to defend the flag room, using my Shadowmeld and Charge abilities to ambush those who attempt to take our flag. Because our team had the advantage in this round, there were few intruders, and my kills and damage results were fairly low. Because my goal is always to win, to grasp for glory, I am quite satisfied.

This battle went very differently, however. I arrived after it had already begun, and the Alliance had already organized a turtle defense. While an impressive display of cooperation, there was no one left to attempt to capture the Horde flag, meaning that victory could not be achieved. And so I set out to do what I could to break the enemy defenses. One time I was able to kill enough defenders that a teammate could grab the flag and make a clean getaway. Unfortunately, this was our only success of the battle, and the defensive turtle eventually broke down. Having the most damage done for my side was hardly satisfying.

And that was a typical day for this twink. Some wins, some losses, some skills further refined. And home to Alynn and little Kala at the end.

May the Goddess watch over you.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Is Where Palintera Needs Ta Breathe


It all started the other night, when things went bad between me and my friend Feral, and then things just went bad all together. And for a few days I hid from the world, feeling sorry for myself. And then one morning I checked my mail, and there was a letter from Feral.

Oh my goddess.

What would it say? I mean, I really had no idea. She could be wanting to know if I was okay, which would be nice, but maybe she was upset with me for running off like I did. Maybe she was telling me that she'd run off with that hussy Teej. Maybe she'd been talking to my mother, and telling her that being a druid wasn't all about eating granola before dawn and singing in the woods and being pure and upright citizens of Kalimdor. Oh no, oh no, oh no, this was going to be bad, I just knew it.

My hands shaking, my teeth nervously chewing my lower lip, I opened the letter. Just two words: "I'm sorry." And roses! Twelve of them! Oh my goddess - she still loves me! It's going to be all right!
I gottagottagotta find her, and tell her that I'm sorry too, and that I want things to be like they were before. But, where is she? I ran to the Aldor Rise, where her hearthstone points, but she wasn't there.
So, I kept looking. I went to Darnassus, and the Exodar, and Stormwind, and even Booty Bay. Anywhere I could think of where she and I have gone on our adventures. But she wasn't anywhere. And I was really starting to get worried that something had happened to her...

But! Last night, there she was on the guild channel!

"Hi Pali."


"I have something for you."

"You do?"



"Um. Was in Ashenvale. Then the Barrens."


"And then Thousand Needles, and then the Shimmering Flats."


"And you need to breathe."


And then there she was, running across the terrace towards me, and I launched myself at her and hugged her and hugged her and didn't wanna let go ever, but I did eventually. Because, well, we both needed to breathe, and oxygen was becoming an issue. And then she showed me why she'd been at the Shimmering Flats...

Oh, my. A delicious chocolate cake, well that just made me very happy. And strawberry ice cream??!? I just- just- just- It's my favorite flavor! And she ran past all those hyenas and scorpions and basilisks just to get it for me? Feral's tough and all, but, she was only in her twenty-second season. Wow.

I tried to explain to her what had happened that terrible night, and how I'd been so lost and confused that I wasn't being careful and, well, you know, but I just couldn't get the words out, and so I ended up just telling her that I was so glad she was back. And she hugged me again and said she understood, and that she was glad I was back too.

By this point some 70s were starting to stare at us, as if they were hoping we'd dance naked on the mailbox for them or something, the pervs, so we got out of Shattrath and went to Ashenvale, where we could share some ice cream in peace. Oh, wow, was it yummy.

And then we went and did some quests because while, yes, we're druids and we're supposed to live in harmony with the universe and all, that doesn't mean we can't kill things for the reward. I mean, that'd be boring! (But, umm, please don't tell my mother I said that - she's kind of old-fashioned.) So we killed wolves and murlocs and nagas and bunnies. Well, okay, nobody was paying for the bunnies, but 'licious does like to moonfire them because, well, that's just the way she is.

And then we went on a quest to find the parts of a magic rod which could turn you into a Furblog. Wow! It was pretty neat - we both had fun trying it out when we got it. Ha! Can you tell which of us is which?
Unfortunately, the effect only lasted three minutes per charge, so even though we were having all kinds of fun there just wasn't time for 'licious to- uh... umm... to...


Be a Furblog for four minutes?



And then we were real good and finished our quests and both reached our twenty-fourth seasons and went back to Moonglade to sleep under our own separate trees. All night. Sound asleep.

My mother's going to see this I just know it.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is Bon Voyagizations Fer Kirk What Needs a Nickname

Just found out (I's slow, been away from me computer past few days) what Kirk, the creator of Priestly Endeavors, be hanging up his spurs. Kirk were one of the pioneers of this here WoW blogosphere, and I's gonna miss having him around. Back when I were learning ta tank fer me guild last summer, long before I ever imagined me working as a priest, priest blogs were real important ta me, 'cause I were wanting ta learn what me friend Zinzi were up to back there, so's we could be a better team. And Kirk's blog were real helpfuls in this. Even if he did lack a catchy nickname.

And I ain't never gonna ferget the first conversation I hads with Kirk, almost exactlies a year ago. Were in the comments of a post by teh Squeakie Priest on the usefulnesses of having yer priest get nekkid in Shadow Lab. I of course is all in favor of this strat, and in fact Zinzi and I did use a variant on this the last time we did SLab. But I digressifies. Conversation went like:

Rat: blah blah if you read this Zin be sure to file it away for future reference! blah blah blah...
Kirk: as in Zingiber? on Undermine?
Rat: Naw, different Zin. Mine's got tusks and bigger feet.
Kirk: *snerk* ok

Best of lucks to ya, Kirk. And enjoys yer new funs!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fuhggin' RL Avatar Been Mischiefing

Apparentlies me RL avatar been running around, granting unauthorized interviews and talking like he's the real one and I's fictional-like. Sigh. I's gonna have to punish the bugger, make him do a rep grind to exalted with, I dunno, Toyota or Kentucky or sumthin'.

Anywho, I can't give ya the exact details, 'cause I's in the past writing in the future, but is maybe gonna be over at the Twisted Nether Blogcast. Feels free ta do, I dunno, whatevers.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some Thoughts on PvP Gears

Well, Arena Season 4 done started, and there's a lotta feelings and opinions about how this done impacts everything else. Some I agrees with, some I don't, but that's how the world be. Mostly, I's feeling respects fer thems what took the time to present informed arguments. Yeah, that's all fine and non-controversial and all, Ratter, but what do you think? I so glad you asked.

I think Wrath of the Itch King got delayed too much.

Wait, huh? Yer gears is slipping, there, ya dumb orc! What that got to do with PvP?

I explain you. Way back when, like a year ago, Blizz was talking about an expansion every year. And, fer a while, that kinda seemed believable. And so, the way I figures it, the folks running the arena system was doing they's planning on the thinking that there'd be two seasons, maybe three. And they wanted ta make sure what PvP gear were the best fer PvP, so's high-end raider guilds couldn't just show up and dominate. So, making Season 2 gear significantly better than Season 1 gear made some sense at the time. And then Season 3 came, and that hadda be a lot better than S2, 'cause there were precedent, and then there hadda be a way to get more PvP gear inta the hands of Arena newcomers, so they didn't get slaughtered and say Screw this and quit. If that'd happened, then Arenas woulda been just a niche, and that weren't wanted. So S1 gear were made available through the BG grind.

Now, PvP gear and tanking gear has a lot in common. Lots of Stamina, lots of armor, lots of protection from crits. And a few S1 pieces were as good as anything fer pre-Kara gear. Is why I first started dabbling in BGs, so's I could get me hands on that shield.

But now, S4 is here, with roughly the same bump up from S3 as with previous seasons. And the same arguments fer making S2 gear a battleground reward applies. But now, fer tanking at least, we's seeing PvP gear as being well better than any other gear obtainable pre-Kara. If this is a bad thing or a good thing or a yeah whatever thing depends a lot on who you is and what sorta adventuring you does. But I'd say is definitely a strange thing. And I's pretty sure is not how things were supposed ta turn out, back when the Arenas were set up.

And I think is all the Itch King's fault.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Galertruby's Guide To Dating

Garhhl. Gahhl galha Garrrahhalagh.
Agrhh glagglha gha ghrallhalha aglh, aglha gallh gahll gahrrallah agglh ahghlagl. Agh grrhal gallha gra gahhllha gallraghl ahl galagh, gahhll garhh ahhghr glahh gallagh.

Glahha grhal agalggha ghahagh:

Aghla gallagh lalgall ghahalla. Lghalahl gah gahghla agglha. Gahall glahl aggha laghl, glah agh gahl aghahall glagghah aghagl. Gllah gahr allahhgrl ghallagl gah. Agh glahhgl glahhgl garrh gahhlahr glahhr, ga gallhahl! Aglhha gahllragl gllah aghhrla gahhllrah gah glaghhlh glahh.

Gla alghalarhgl:
Aghahll garhhr glahhlglhaarhga ghallah allha, garrharlh agghal ga arhhh galahhargh. Glallh garrh, gahhlahglahhr agglh ahghlagl glagglha ga arhhh. Glahgrl gha ahhagha gahhlrag agghalah arhgl. Gahhaglra glha arghlha lagaha grah.

Gagglha aghal ghaha agh:
Gaha. Gaghaha aglah agghr laghalagh grahagl, gaghaha glhahg agrgha laghahrag.

Glah agglha!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

But .... It's A FISH!??!?

In case ya missed it, last week were me birthday. A number of you buggers paused ta give me happy wishes, and a number of the wimmins threw they's panties to me, and a few mens threw they's boxers (and you would not believe what Khadgar wears under his robe, that naughty boy!). And it were all much appreciated, and I sez thankee. But this gift I got in me mailbox were especially special:
Yeah, I still don't understand it, and probablies never will. But that's okay, 'cause I sure appreciates the love what came with it. And fer them tough bosses, I's gonna be setting aside me Fetish of the Primal Gods, and whipping out this bad boy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is Another Avatar From Banshide

Helllooo .... Thiss is DangerMouse.

Ratss wanted me to pose for some pictures the other day. He thinks having an avatar image for everyone on the Team will be good for morale, and also make it easier for you readers to keep track of who iss who. I don't ssee what the point is. After all, you are all going to die anyway, many of you slowly and painfully, so why does it matter if we make thingss easier for you until then?

Ratss wants me to stop depresssing his readers.

Fine. Happy happy. I am a cheerful walking abomination in the eyes of nature. And you are not one (yet). And I have this shiny new avatar from Angry Bansidhe! Is it not spiffy! Do I not look lovely, in a rotting flesh, empty eye ssockets, nobody loves a rogue ssort of way? Get one for yourself, before anything terrible happens and the Shadow fallss upon you.

Soul-Collar of the Incarnate

Because peripheral vision is for the weak.