Friday, February 22, 2008


Helllooo .... Thiss is DangerMouse.

As Ratss told you, I have been waiting in Tranquilien for the poisson vendor to get a shipment of Throat Piercerss. There were times she got a little testy with me hanging around, and ssugested I go see if Knucklerot had any to ssell me, but at other times sshe had no cusstomers for a while and got bored and then we would play checkerss. She said Tranquilien was much livelier when the Blood Elvess first joined the Horde.

But on the fifth day, sshe finally received a set, and I bought it from her immediately. Thiss woman has no businesss sense - sshe charged less than six silverss for them - I would have paid gold. But I have them now. Like Daddy always ssaid, "Good things come to those who-... those who-... those-... " Eyaarghh! It doessn't matter what he said. He's gone. And so will the resst of you be, ssoon enough. I have the knivess, that is what matters. And I will be putting them to good usse.
Embrace the Shadow,

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Anonymous said...

Ha those throwing knives won't be enough to save ya.