Monday, February 4, 2008

If Ya Can't Fight'em, ...

I were in Nagrand yesterday, on me way to Aeris Landing to pick up this months membership benefits, And I happens to notice that there only one Alliance guard still standing at Halaa. Which be unusual. Normalies on me server that place is so Alliance friendly they might as well set up a gryphon master and a 24-hour cheese shop. What the hey, I sez. I PvPs now, maybe its time I checks out the place out and see what's shaking. So I drops in. Found me a 67th season gnome rogue who put up a good fight fer three or four seconds, and a druid what lasted a bit longer. By this point the last guard were dead and a buncha hordies were tearin' down the old Alliance flag and whipped out a beautifuls red Horde flag.

(Where does these flags come from, I wonders. I ain't got none in me bags, yet whenever it be time fer a flag, there it be. Shrug.)

Anywho, along with us Hordies there was a coupla Allies what were like "I ain't flaggin' up just so's I can get better acquainted with that orc's axe. Not fer Halaa, I ain't. Fuhg that noise." Well, when ya can't fight, what ya gonna do? You dances, that's what. Things was goin' good and I were about to ask this one blonde hummie fem if she were Aldork or Scrybaby, and if the former would she likes to come see me trophy collection what I keeps in me room in Shattrath, when the new Blood Elf guards arrived, all fanatic-like, and chased them Allies off. Oh wells.


Anonymous said...

Every world PVP scenario I've ever been involved in has always, without exception, deteriorated into a cross-faction dance party.


Anonymous said...

I'm in a PvP world where I couldn't dance in front of you. I'd probably get blasted before I could begin to lift a hoof for my dance.

Bell said...

Psh. I'm PvP hardcore and I'll /dance.

...after I've kited you for a while.


I'd come see your trophy collection, Ratshag...

Mana Battery Bitch said...

I live in a PvP world but I dance with the Horde anyway! Most of the time they don't kill me and I mind control them so they get buffs. It's a lot more fun.

I'm a hummie fem and one of them Aldorks, Mr Shag, but I suspect that trophy collection might be what some people call a bait.

Ratshag said...

@misneach - We's all a bunch of lovers, not fighters

@sonvar - Except in some worlds, where we is a buncha fighters

@bell - Nuthin' wrong with a good kite ta get the blood flowing

@MBB - bait? well, duh!