Friday, July 31, 2009

A Song For Vyprania

Well, she got Kinnavieve's ore
and ran to the Dalaran forge now.
Seems she forgot about the AH
like she told that pally now.
And with Fallen Crusader
goes smashing just as hard as she can now.
And she'll have fun fun fun
til Kinna takes her 'stroyer away.

Well the mobs can't stand her
'cause she pwns teh face now.
She's just a wrecking machine
as she swings that mace now.
Arthas' minions try to get her
but she knocks'em into outer space now.
And she'll have fun fun fun
til Kinna takes her 'stroyer away.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is Where Lady Jess Made Kinnavieve Cry

So, Kinnavieve were in Naxx last night, sharing tanking duties with Lady JessTank. They's done did the Heigan dance, and Jess be looking at the loot table fer upcomings Loatheb.

"Why would anyone want those pants? They aren't even as good as the ones I got yesterday!"

To which Kinna sez, "I want them! They're a big upgrade over these crafted blues I've been wearing for seven months because I never see epics drop."

"Really? You sure?"

"Yeah, every stat is higher except DEF, even before you factor in the two sockets."

"But they have shield block stats. Why would you want that?"


"Oh, wait. I thought you were a death knight."

"A, a death knight?"
/lip tremble

"Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know why I was thinking that..."

"It's my stupid stinky helmet, isn't it? I made it invisible, but everyone still knows it's a tainted, evil, saronite, death knight helmet."

Of course, after all that, the big walking plant went and dropped healy gear. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vyprania's Identity Issue

There were times which of us was the Death Knight and which was the minion. I swear to Elune I didn't eat any brains while in this rather effective, if somewhat confusing, disguise. I thought about it, but I didn't.

You know, it's probably best if we don't let Kinnavieve see this post. She doesn't have much of a sense of humor when it somes to dead people, and I am going to need to borrow money from her soon for my epic flight training...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is Where Kinnavieve's Brother Woulda Been Proud

Hello Gentle Readers (and Bellbell who is not gentle),

All my life, I have wanted to serve the Light as it's soldier. As a little girl, I secretly practiced swinging my father's axes whenever I could sneak them out into the woods. He would punish me whenever he caught me doing it (I think he feared I would cut my foot off) but I kept at it. By the time I was eleven, he realized I was cutting down trees faster than he could, and he relented. Although he acted as if he was doing me a favor...

When my brother Richard joined the army to go fight for Lordaeron, I made him show me everything they taught him in basic training. After he left, I practiced every day, eager to show him how good I had gotten when he returned. But he never did...

On my sixteenth birthday, I took the vows to becoma a Knight of the Silver Hand:
"Do you vow to uphold the honor and codes of the Order of the Silver Hand?"
"By my blood and honor, I do."
"Do you vow to walk in the grace of the Light and spread its wisdom to your fellow man?"
"By my blood and honor, I do."
"Do you vow to vanquish evil wherever it be found, to protect the innocent with your very life, and to serve always what is right, honorable, and good?"
"By my blood and honor, I do."

In the years since then, I have fought the Scourge and its allies. In Desolace, in the Plaguelands, in Dragonblight. I have faced Baron Rivendare, the Barov family, Drakuru, Noth the Plaguebringer and even Kel'thuzad himself. Scholomance, Stratholme, and Naxxramas have all been cleansed of their evil. It has been a long hard road, and many have sacrificed along the way: sweat, blood, some even their lives.

In recognition of my service to the Light, Tirion Fordring himself has proclaimed me the Argent Champion. I accepted this honor in the name of all those who have lost everything in this struggle, including my brother.

I so wish he was here now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Bare Butt

Hello gentle readers.

I don't understand why, but sometimes when I'm raiding, half the group decides to take their clothes off. I still really don't approve. It's just not proper, nor is it optimal for combat.

And this time, we didn't have any have handsome young men to enjoy, just the GM's dainty elf butt... *sigh*

Friday, July 10, 2009

Is Where Kinnavieve Gets A Title

I'm not really from Stormwind, though, you see. I'm actually from Nowhereshire, in Elwynn Forest. Do you know it? It's near the Eastvale Logging Camp - you follow the trail to the northwest, through that copse of trees where they hanged Salty Pete and his gang. Then you cross the creek where the rocks were that Suzie Jones' grandfather laid out to make a crossing, only they got washed away in the big flood ten years ago. Then when you get to the maple tree that all the kids want to climb but they can't because it's haunted you turn south. A few miles more, and you're there!

Just don't blink, or you might miss it...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


"Feral, I saw them! They're everywhere! They're gonna get me!!!!"

"Um, Pali? We're in the middle of Ironforge, and you're not flagged. No one's gonna get you."

"You don't understand! They're here, right now, and they're after me!"

"Who's after you, sweetie?"

"....Jungle Gnomes."

"In Ironforge?"

"Yes, yes! They're all around us. They're just .... hiding ... right now."

"Uh huh."

"Really, they are!"

"Pali, what's that you're holding?"

"Oh, it's some Stranglethorn Brew, this month's brew of the month. It's really good."

"Yeah, I think you've had enough. How about you let me vendor it for you to that nice bread merchant over there?"

"Nooooooo...... I need to drink it all, for my achievement."

"All? You've got like, fourteen bottles there. You only need one. Gimme, or I'll tell your mom."

"... all right. Here."

"Now, before I sell all these, your jungle gnomes. Did they look like they had a vibrate setting?"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well, I Done Did It

Got me guild through every damn dungeon in Northrend. Done took us over six months, but is still better than what we was able fer ta pull off in Outland. So I's damn proud of them buggers - Zinzi What Gives Good Resurrection, Tarsius the Grumpy Druid, Rim and his Ice Bolts Set To Instant Freeze Dry, Mr Hoof, Throttle the Tinker, Bull What Keeps The Streets Safe, Ix the Death Nugget Twin, and everyones else. Damn proper job, folks.

And fer thems of you what be keeping score at home, this were Goal and Priority Number the Five. Only one left is ta slaughter a few thousand hamsters back in Kalimdor. Well, I's gonna get ta them at some point, but they ain't goin' nowheres. Gotta work on me rep with the Purple Portal Dudes and the Argent Weenies and some of them others first.

Monday, July 6, 2009


The Light has abandoned me. Even when I win a frickin' fishing pole, it looks like a frickin' lich bitch death knight fishing pole!

Stupid stinky death knights.

Stupid stinky fishing pole.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Midsummer Fire Festival

Team Ratshag and Team Suptail hopes all you buggers had yerselves a happy holiday and enjoyed the fireworks and peeing on fires as much as we did. Time ta go back ta leveling and dailies fer a couple months.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two Cockroaches And A Dingleberry

Kinnavieve done sent me this picture of the pre-raid prepationizings fer the other night's Naxx run.

Tanking gear? Check.

Pocket healer? Check.

Guild leader bouncing around like a caffeine-hyped spaz? Check.