Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is Where I Inspires a Fio Pun

Ya can hear some funny things, hanging around the AC HQ in Stormwind. Todays, I got there just in time to hear BRK's vehement defense of the olive and it's role in the creation and defense of civilization as we know it. Well, not orc civilization. We don't like olives. But I digresses. 'Cause then the discussion moved onto figs and they's issues. And then Fio punned off me. WoOt!Now, I don't pun worth crap, so I didn't even try to mix it up with the master. But laters in the evening I did find out he weren't the only punning druid in Azeroth:

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Anonymous said...

The pun makes sense but its not as good as some of his puns. Though I will say that the druid saying they like to make puns fits well with Fio's main char