Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gogmoth Has a Warlock Question

"Well, go on. Ask'em."

"I dunno know about this. What if ..."

"What if what?"

"What if they laugh at me?"

"Who's gonna laugh at you? Braids? Hydra? TJ? Pellegri? They's me friends - they ain't gonna laugh at you."

"I don't think you really understand warlocks, Ratshag. We're evil people. We enjoy making other people miserable."

"But you don't."

"That's just because I'm a nerd. If I were a hardcore warlock I'd take just as much pleasure in other peoples' misery."

"Argh. Look, Gogmoth, you wanna know the answer or not?"

"Well, I do, but ... no, nevermind. It's a stupid question."

"There ain't no stupid questions - just inquisitivating pain-in-the-arse idiot brothers."


"So? You gonna ask already?"

"... maybe ... i don't know ... you could for me ..."

Great googly moogly. Fine. I'll ask. Who ever heard of a shy orc? Sheesh.

Gogmoth Wants To Know what's the best minion to use in Altarec Valley, and do ya use it best? Ya see, he's been wearing the same amulet what Sally Whitemane gave him fer twenty seasons now, and he's looking fer something a little less tarnished. Like this one here. Now Gog's a monster at soloing mobs - I's seen him take down elites two seasons higher than him. But in the head-to-head clashes ya get there, where once yer targeted by ten or so of the other side yer arse goes down fast, it be hard to tell what's working. So. Should he be using the felpuppy, what be highly rated fer PvP, or bring in the felguard with the goofy name since he went to the trouble of speccing fer it? And should he leave it on defense to protect his clothie arse, or send it after particular targets, or just tell it to be aggresive and find it's own targets? And if you 'locks out there is truly evil, you'll tell him ta put it inta baby seal mode. Heh.

Anywho, he's a pathetic shy little orc of a warlock, but I does love the bugger, so if any you 'locks out there got some answers fer him I'd sure appreciatificate. Thankee.


Anonymous said...

Baby seal mode seems to suit your personality, Gog. Go with that.

Of course, y'know, if you do decide to start winning, I'd stick with your felpuppy. Use Spell Lock and Devour Magic manually; it'll give you more utility than the felguard since most smart people will ignore the pet and go after the player.

Anonymous said...

"most smart people will ignore the pet and go after the player."

I wouldn't agree with that. There's usually chaos in Alterac and people don't care what they're hitting - your pet included.
Anyway, Felguard is a nice tool, but for AV I'd recommend Felhunter - more magic resistances, and Devour heals him also.

Hershey said...

And for the third warlock opinion...

In AV, I'd strongly suggest the Felguard, unless you're more concerned about racking up the HKs than anything else. If you find yourself in a pinch against actual PvP-type folks, then yeah, Felhunter is great. But if you're doing the PvE portion of AV, stick with the Felguard. The extra DPS will be an asset towards winning the match.

Anonymous said...

If you're specced all the way down there, just stick with the Felguard for most of it. In a tough spot, sac the Felguard and insta-summon either the Felhunter (when those ickle clothies get uppidy) or the VoidWalker (for the 10% less physical damage taken and instant shield abilities).

Proper Felguard use is all about micro management and doesn't hold a candle to the power of SLSL, but from one orc to another, SLSL just doesn't feel right with that 5% pet damage. Just have him run in and do his thing while also making sure to watch for anything being a sneaky tricksy git and intercept it to give you time to get away.

Anonymous said...

If you were doing organized PvP, I'd say felhound all the way. But in the AV Zerg... Felguard FTW. However, as others said... don't let the pet just do his own thing. Keep that guy on a short leash where he belongs.

/emofire said...

"but for AV I'd recommend Felhunter - more magic resistances, and Devour heals him also."

Felpup is (squishy-er but) the way to go for more focused pvp, that's kinda hard to find in AV though.

Resistances and Devourheal are nice but not necessary. Most of the time if your pet is about to die its prolly cause it ran off on its lonesome chasing something while you weren't looking and its now surrounded by abunch of red names, if health funnel can't keep it up devour probably isn't gonna cut it either.

If you went to the trouble of speccing all the way down for the big guy, use him. He's pretty tough, does decent enough dps to kill people, and that intercept stun of his is pretty handy too.

Anonymous said...

Muhahahahaha.... I'll laugh at you! I'm a 70 lock and I lovez me some evil!

Each pet has it's advantages and depending on how you want to play, depends on what pet to use.

The FelPup is great for locking down other casters and spreading the purging like it's 1999. My fav use for the puppy is to help take down healers because a lot times, most people forget about them and they are vital to get down. However, they also work great against other locks and mages. Also the detect Invis is a must in PvP.

The FelThug is a great way to get that jump start against anyone. Interrupt is great as a stun to any toon so you can get your fear off. Using the Thug against clothys highly pays off because of the DPS and stun. Plus just the DPS is a pain in anyone's side.

Most of the time, I use the Pup for it's benefits. As a lock, one of your worst enemies are those blasted rogues, so the Pup is vital for defeating them. However, any pet can lead to success.

If you go up against a lock however, spell lock ASAP. What I'll do is banish whatever demon they have and spell lock if they try to fear me. Most of the time I can get my fear off first.

Well, I would give you more tips, but you need to show me how evil you are by bringing me the carcass of 50 dead yetis.... i need a new blanket :)

Rahrnok said...

In reference to the defensive or passive, I think it depends on how confortable you are at micro-managing the minion. Either the felhunter or the felsmashermatic, to be used most effectively in pvp is going to need to be micro-managed to a certain degree. I tend to go passive and direct my pet to where I want it. (especially since I'm a big key masher and it's not that hard to send it on its way). However, if you think you are likely to forget to deal with your pet in high pressure situations, I'd go defensive because then at least it'll go after what's attacking you if you are in danger. That way, your pet is never standing there idle.

Anonymous said...

I am finding the answer for “Which minion to use in PvP?” is “It depends.”

Are you defending a node?? Need to see those pesky Rogues ASAP… felpuppy.

Are you doing the PvE part of AV? Might just need the mana battery … imp.

Are you just there to kill a swath through the enemy? I am told …felaxman.

As Gogmoth knows each minion is specifically used for a different task. So to give a generic answer to a lock to use minion X instead of minion Z will gimp your PvP effectiveness. Battlegrounds are easier because you get a chance to decide initially what your intent will be going in. With the dynamics of the battleground you can always change your mind.

Not as helpful I know. =)

Suptail said...

Oh crud...