Thursday, January 31, 2008

Useful Information!

Apparentlies somebody's been bombing the berfuggles out of Hammerfall. Gogmoth says nobody there knew who it were. Maybes it's the Syndicate - they's a nasty bunch of numperduggers. Or it could be them Legal Arathor types from Arathi Basin. Who knows? Anywho, it's been getting so bad that Urda the Flight Master done taken cover underneath her flight deck. So if you's looking fer a flight outta town, that's where yer gonna finds her.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is Goofy and Pointless

...but so whats? Click heres ta visit the metropolis-to-be of Ratsburgh! Oh, and click heres too so's we can get some industry. Thankee.

Some Warlocks is Still No Fun

From Warlock 101:
Really the only spell you’ll ever need as a Warlock in a 5-man instance is Howl of Terror.

I finds the image of this really funnies, and would be happy to pay the subsequent repair bill. But when I recommended it to Gogmoth, he says it would be puerile to do so. No sense of fun in that kid, I tells ya.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is Good Article

Euripedes at Critical QQ has a good article on tanks in PvP. I recommends with enthusiasms.


Some nuggerflumper's got a really screwed up sense of what silly little blogs about hitting things with an axe is worth. But on the other hands, if you wants to buy, I's willing ta sell ...

Whore's Thong Gulch Weekend

This past weekend were bonus honor at Warped Swan Gulch, and while Team Ratshag didn't have a lot of time available, three of us did end up venturing in fer a bit. First up were Dakoneris the boingy-eared twinky. He managed to hook up with a bunch of his twinky guildies for the first time in his short career, and they hit the place like a sledgehammer hitting an onion. Major, major spankage. At least it were over quick fer the ninnies' side. Dakoneris also informs me that he has acquired a white woolen dress, so that he can be better prepared for the next time. Ummm .... yeah. Whatevers.

Next up were DangerMouse. Now that little piece of rottenflesh has been doing a damn fine job of bootstrapping herself up and buying much improved gear, and I's damn proud of her, but she's still only got half the health of Dakoneris and she ain't never gonna be a terror of the 10-19 class. Nevertheless. When she got herself inta the Alliance flag room and was all set to pick up the flag, only to have a thirteenth season troll with maybes 200 health beat her to it, she gained a better appreciation of some of Out of Megan's complaints about thems what ain't helping. "Fool! Drop the flag and let me carry it. And be quick! I haven't got all day," she hissed at him. "Lolz! L2play, nub," he replied, and ran down the tunnel with it, where he was promptly turned inta troll-ka-bob by the Silverwingies. Even so, the Alliance had even more low-levelers on they side than Mouse had on hers, and her team were able to prevail fairly easily.

Then it were me turn. Normalies, I'd pass on Horse On Gulch, it not being me favorite, but it were the daily as well as the weekend, so I figures what the hey, I'll take the extra honor. To me surprise, when I popped inta the get-ready room, there were Sabiba and Sabretooth, a coupla readers of this here blog. Well, Sabiba is anyways; probablies not so much the cat. She were looking rather piratey fer a belf hunter, but what can ya expect of someone willing to eat them freaky Wailing Cavern fishies? We exchanges a few pleasantries, and then the fight were on. And on. And on. After the first hour or so I were remembering why I don't like doing Ping Pong Gulch - them Silverwingies kept turtling up with a buncha druids doing heals and it were dang near impossible to get out flag back from them. But with the score tied 2-2 they finally made a mistake and tried ta zerg our flag carrier, all ten of them at once. And we managed to beat them back and recover our flag in the process. "CAP IT!@#%" Sabiba yells at our flag carrier, and he did. Phew. Collected me marks and got the fuhg outta there.

Afters Sabiba told me that I'd made her job lots easier by getting the other side to focus on me, freeing her up to do her dps thing. Which were real nice to hear, 'cause that's what I's trying to do, get in the casters' faces be a big pain in the arse what cain't be ignored, but it be hard to tell sometimes how well it's working when yer in the middle of the chaos.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Much Coolness At

Just stumbled onta this new tool what generates custom avatars of yerself, and automatically checks the armory for new gearings. Fer example, this here be Dakoneris the Twinkie. Gonna have me some fun with this.

Go checks it out.

Edit: Well, it were a picture of Dak in full gear. Now it's a picture of a nekkid human. Obviously, they's got some bugs in they system.

Edit Number the Two: Reset the image as per grumpycoder instructions, and got a nekkid Dakoneris. Now problem appears to be the Armory, 'cause I can't get his page there to load. Arghs.

Edit Number the Three: Armory's back, and so's Dak's gear (after resetting at grumpycoder again). I think they need to adjusts so if Armory be down, it just don't re-render, rather than nekkidifying ya.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Get Thee to the Plaguelands!

So I's walking through the Lower City in Shattrath the other day, when I turns the corner and bang! I walks into me kid brother Gogmoth.

"The fuhg you doing in Outland?" I asks him.

"Nice to see you too, Ratshag. I've reached my 58th season - I've earned the right to be out here."

"But yer supposed to be in Un'goro Crater, killing oozes and stuff. And then you need to get to the Plaguelands and take care of all them Scourges what I never got around to. Then you can come to Outland."

"But Rats - you always said that the really good loot is in Outland. If I go to the Plaguelands I'll have to use my plain old Azeroth gear."

"Gog, Gog, Gog. Remember the plan. Do as many quests as you can in Azeroth, that way you'll reach 70 a lot sooner once you do come to Outland. And then you'll make more money for the Team, questing at your maximum. Maybe you should go to Silithus as well - lots of bugs there I never took care of."

"But Rats that's no fun!"

"What's fun got to do with it? Think of the Team, boy!"

"But when you reached 58, you dropped everything and ran straight for the Black Portal. You didn't finish your quests. For all I know, you were in the middle of a fight."

"This ain't about me, Gogmoth. It's about you doing what I tell you. Get yer arse to the Plaguelands!"

"But -"


"But I -"

"Plaguelands, or I'll tell mom!"

"Fine, I'll go to the dang Plaguelands. But I'm not going to Silithus. I hate those dang bugs as much as you do."

"All right then."

So he portalled back to Azeroth, and I went looking for a diversion or two to calm me nerves. Imagine, the nerve of that boy.

Maybe I'll send DangerMouse to Silithus, after she's got some more seasons under her belt. She's a walking corpse - how much can bugs creep her out?

Is a Numbers Game

Honorable Kills.

Is a sign of lethality when yer PvPing. Actually, it be a sign of being in the general proximity of lethality, since ya gets credit if the gumpernubber dies near ya, whether you did fer him or not. Which is good fer buggers like me, since in a fight I often tries ta slow, stun, and silence someone so someone else can skillfully stab and and slice and spear (fear mah uber alliteration skillz!).

So, ya put some bugger down, or ya stands there with a dumb look on yer face while the guy next to you does it, and you get an Honorable Kill. And the universe is polite enough to keep track of yer HKs for ya so you don't gots to be bothered. You can look'em up if ya wants - go to yer character sheet and click on the PVP tab and there they be. If ya wants to see how deadly yer friends is, you can go they's armory page and see it there. Me friend Mr. Hoof has over 12,000 kills. Out of Mana Meliadoul has over 23,000. Even Hydra who don't PvP has herself a couple thousand. But then ya go to the armory page of that killing machine Ratshag and there ain't nuthin' said about about Honorable Kills. Is like they don't exist. What the hey?

Is cause the armory don't list yer HKs until you reach the level of worthiness. And they defines worthiness as 1337. And I's only got about 850, so far, which is way more than one, but not enoughs yet. Now, I knows there's a spiritual signifcance to 1337, but there's other spiritually significant numbers. Like 1138, or 42, or 998 (is density of water at Standard Temperature). So how comes they could'na picked one of these others (which be quicker to reach), hmmmm? Then I'd have more bling on me armory page sooners.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, That Were Unexpected

I didn't know what ta expect when I gave young Galertruby the floor a few days ago. I kinda figgered some of the regulars'd go "ummm... huh?" and then we'd move on, but at Team Ratshag everybody gets a turn, and besides, the little fellah seemed most excited. And then it turned out to be the most viewed, most commented on entry in the history of Need More Rage. Were most surprising. Turns out he's like one of them Roscharch ..., Rorchash ...., Rorchachacha .... bugger. One of them inkblot tests. Everybody heared what they wanted ta hear in his pontificationizing.

Me? I don't understand a dang word of what he sez, but he does a bang-up job of helping out with the inventory so I's glad ta have him around.

BRK sez he should get his own blog. I ain't sure that's gonna happen, but Galertruby's all set to share his thoughts on +INT vs MP5 gear, and how to use mind-control to yer advantage in 25-man raids, and the most efficient way to get from the mailbox to the bank in Undercity, and other priesty/bank alt things, so we's gonna see what happens.

Oh, and TJ? Real sorries about yer ass fallin' off there, hun. Put it in a plastic bag and pack it in ice, maybes they can reattach it.

And Galertruby's got one quick thing to add, I can tell by the way he's lurchin' from side-ta-side. What is it, kid?

"Glarrghal aghallh!"

Monday, January 21, 2008

Guest Blogger: Galertruby

Garhhl. Gahhl galha Garrrahhalagh.

Garahh gallh ga arhhh galahhl. Aghahll garhhr gallha gaah gaarrhl, agh agghal ghallalhah ah gllarh. Gllah gahr allahhgrl GhallaglGah. Agh glahhgl glahhgl garrh gahhlahglahhr, ga gallhahl ahhr gaahhrlaghr.


Aghlahhl glarrh ghalrlhh alhhrga: gallhr glah garrahhalglar; agrhh glagglha gha ghrallhalha aglh; aglha gallh gahll gahrrallah agglh ahghlagl. Agh grrhal gallha gra gahhllha gallraghl ahl galagh, gahhll garhh ahhghr glahh gallagh.

Glahhgrl glah arrlh aggrhala gahhl glha. Glahg grahhglh glhhlhalha gahhr garrha, aglh glhha gharhl. Glhagl gllha ahhr glahhlglhaarhga ghallah allhag. Gllha garrharlh aglhha gahllragl. Gllah aghhrla gahhllrah gah glaghhlh glahh, gahhl aghhr garahhghlahhrgh aghraahl glhahhl gahhlah. Glah aghr Ghrallhahl gha gahrrlagahr agh gahlagh. Agghlagh garrh arhhlagh gahl grah glahhghl.

Alhhagh gha,

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is on Welfare, Baby!

Okay, yeah, I knows, some peoples got strong feelings on the term "welfare epics", thems for and thems against. Somes even write songs about it. Me, I finds the whole thing pretty amusing. 'Course, I's easily amused.

Anywho, little over a week after me first battlefield foray, I's got me enough marks and points to pick up these shiny purple gloves. And I's about half of the way towards the matching shoulders and that big resilience set bonus. Then I's gonna go back to working fer me shield.

Fer tanking, these is not so good. Felsteel be better, 'cause of the sockets and defense rating. If I were raiding Kara, I'd be lookin' ta pick up these from the Maiden, which is way better tanking gloves. And fer dailies or farming primals or whatevers, I'll stick with me Ragesteel gloves fer now - don't need all that stamina against mobs what can hardly hurt me nohow anymore. But fer the battlefields, I's very happy with me new welfare epics.

Friday, January 18, 2008

BRK Done Broke the Interwebbies

So I checks in at Big Red Kitty, to see how close he be to his One Millionth Visitor (and, ya know, maybe win of them faboo prizes he were offering), and the sitemeter were at 999,920. Coolness. I wait a few seconds, and try again.

"This account has been SUSPENDED fer getting too many hits and buggering up our server. Come back later."

Well, crap. How'm I gonna find out if'n I's number One Million? So I tries again. Same. So I spams the bejeezus out of it, trying to get in. I wants a prize, dang it! No, I don't know which one, but I know I want one. Finally I get in, and sitemeter says 1,000,025. Bugger.

Oh, wells. Big gratz out to Mr BRK, and his awesomely huge numbers. He does deserve it, is a damn fine blog even if it be about huntering.

Wonders how he feeds all them visitors?

Some Warlocks is No Fun

Well, me kid brother Gogmoth sez he's learned howta summon an Infernal. Is like a demon, but artificial. He won't tell me its name though - sez I'd just make fun. (Is will be picture, but not ready yet - soonish)

Thing about Infernals is, they ain't really under full control the way imps and voidwalkers and them hot numbers with the wings and hooves is. Ya gets about five minutes, then it decides it wants to call its own shots, thankee very much. And its idea of fun is to stomp and blast everything in sight. So the warlock's gotta keep re-enslaving it to keep it on task, which gets ta be a pain after a while. Which is why ya don't see infernals parked outside the tavern while they master pops in fer a quick pint or seven.

So I sez to Gog he should make the most of this. Summon up his new toy, kill furblogs or whatevers he's up to in Felwood fer a few minutes, then scampers down to Aastraanaaar just before the timer dings. Then mister big-burning-pile-o-rocks can party it up with the guards there. Maybe the flight master or general goods vendor too, while it's at it, as well as any unlucky buggers what happens to be standing around.

See, I don't like Aastraanaaar. Fer one thing, it be hard to spell. Fer another, when I were a young orcling, twenty or so seasons under me belt, I got this job to deliver a message to Zoram'gar Outpost, way over on the far side of Ashenvale. I'd never been ta Ashenvale before, and after the wide opens of Durotar and the Barrens, all them eyes peeking out from behind all them trees creeped me out (remembers, I were young). So I stuck to the roads, 'cause I knew that were the safe way to travel. And as I's running down the road, I sees on me map that there be a town up ahead. Even betters, I thinks. I can take a break, rest me feet, maybe gets some horizontal refreshments before I continues down this road. But just when I gets to the town gate, two Nelf guards jump out and beat the crap outta me. Hey! Not fair sneaking up on a honest travellar like that! Were very deceptive, letting them Alliance buggers have they's own town, right in the middle of where I needed to be going. But I digressifies. Point is, I don't like Astraaanar.

"No, Ratshag, I will not summon an Infernal just to let it loose on an innocent town. That would be puerile," Gog sez.

Hummph. Some warlocks is No Fun, even when they is yer brother. I thought they was all supposed to be, ya know, Eeee-ville.

Puerile. Hummph.



Hey, Klakilaki! Be a sport and tell me what "puerile" means, wouldya? Thankee.

Is Alterac Valley Weekend

I ain't never been to AV (been to the other three battlegrounds now, but this'll be me first trip to the Valley). Not sure what to expect, but here's what I does know:

Number the One. Is supposed to be a good place to get honor points

Number the Two. There's a lot of PvE as well as PvP

Number the Three. I need 20 AV Marks of Honor to buy the S1 gauntlets, which I wants.

Number the Four. Is more complicated than other battlegrounds. Wowwiki sez read everything we tell you about the place, and then you still won't know jack about it.

Number the Five. Me GM Tarsius said it were his favorite his favorite battleground. Then he retired to Mulgore to grow herbs. No, not them kinda herbs. Well, maybe some.

Number the Six. Sometimes in battlegrounds you's the hammer, sometimes you's the nail, and sometimes ya just cain't tell. Best not to worry about it and just haves some fun with it. Ain't like these is really battles, not like in the old days. Now is more about givin' the goblins somethin' to bet on.

So that's what I knows about AV. Maybes I see you there, then we go have a pint at the World's End Tavern afters.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Guest Blogger: Ellspeth

Hi! Ellspeth here!

I'm the short one on the right. The big goofy one is Suptail, my leveling buddy and BFF. I told Ratter it wouldn't be right to put up my picture and not Sup's, since she's been my partner for over twenty seasons. She's a hunter - means she has a pet, which is just like a minion except you gotta pat its head and feed it yummies and say things like "Who's a good boy?" instead of giving its soul a good yank. Whatevers.

Me, I'm a warlock. I've got an imp and a voidwalker and a succubus to obey me without questioning. They've got names, but I never bothered to learn them. I mean, why bother? It's not like I care if they're feelings get hurt or anything.

Warlocks have this reputation for being evil and icky and all, but that is so not true. Like, for instance, this one time, I saw a little girl playing with a kitten. And I wanted to drain its soul to see what that would feel like, but first I feared the girl so she'd run away and not be traumatized or anything. But then when the fear wore off she came back and started crying and I felt really, really bummed. So I drained her soul too and then I put the two shards at the very bottom of my soul pouch, so they'd be together forever. Unless, you know, I run low and have to use one of them to summon a demon or something, but that's probably never going to happen I figure.

I wanted to say thanks to Rats, who's been like a favorite uncle ever since he first sponsored me through the "Orphans of Silvermoon" fund. And he didn't hassle me when I ran off to Mulgore to get away from the Man and all his arcano-facist lackeys, and he's paid for my alchemy lessons and tailoring lessons and enchanting lessons, and I just know he'd pay for engineering lessons if I decide I want to give that a try. He talks tough, with all his "Bugger this" and "They's all a buncha nuggerglumpers" and "I put his arse down!" but he's really just a big cuddly teddy bear.

Oh, look! A bunny rabbit and her babies! Time to practice my Rain of Fire incantation.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How Are Ye?

Greeeaat ta meetya!

What can I do forya?

My, you're a tall one!

Oh, bugger, that's what gnomes say. Ummmm....


Okay, the fuhg am I doing? I's practicing being a dwarf.

All started a coupla months ago when I saved this gnome mage what were way in over his head fightin' demons near Ogri'la. As thanks, he says he can give me a gadget what'll transform me into a gnome so's I can walk around Alliance-side without gettin' inta trouble.

"Hmmm. Ya got one what'll make a dwarf? Gnomes is too short fer me taste." I sez.

"No problem!" he sez, and hands it over to me.

Coolness, I thinks. This'll make it possible fer me to go to places like the Great Forge and hang out and quaff a few pints of stout without getting ganked. So I heads over ta Shattrath, pops the gadget and *poof* I's a dwarf. But there be a problem. I ain't a warrior no more - I's a squishie priest. And season one to boot! Buggering little gnomes and they's sense of humor.

I tinkered around a bit, killing me some troggs and wolves and whatnot, and when I took it off I popped back to me normal orcish self. Didn't think much of it until Doom's birthday came up, and I figures what the hey, I'll go give the bugger me best. So I pops inta Dwarf form and goes to Ironforge and looks him up.

While I's there, I also says hellos to Mr Big Red Kitty, who were generous enough to invite me inta his guild (apparentlies in addition to recruiting for SSC and beyond, they also needed buggers to clear out Dun Morogh).

Apparentlies, me reputation had preceeded me and there was some what were happy to see me join they's friendly blog-happy guild.

Weren't all peaches and cream. Some was sceptical about the idea of an orc in an Alliance guild, even if I were disguisified...

One poor bugger even had a keyboard malfunction ...

... and there were some violence

But all-in-all it went pretty smooth, and I's now an accepted, if very junior, member of the bloggingest guild in Azeroth. So when I ain't in the battlegrounds or farming or doing dailies, I's practicing at being a dwarf. I be up to me 20th season now, which is more than any of the Alliance members of Team Ratshag, the lazy buggers. So. Here's me as a squishy dwarf priest. Greeaaat ta meetya!

Ratshag Does Mathifications

Pffft. Yeah, right. Mathifications make me head hurt. I paid me finger-wigglin', cloth-wearin', high-Int brother 5 silver to do 'em fer me. Like the Little Admiral would say, Never do yerself what ya can con an expert inta doin' fer ya.

So. Mathifications. There be a lot of PvP gear ya can spend yer honor points on. Currently ya gots yer S1 Gladiator's set (head, shoulders, chest, legs, and hands), Veteran's armor and it's big brother Vindicator's armor (waist, feet, wrists), shield, weapons, necklace, ring, cloak, trinkets, and bugger knows what else. So if'n ya wants ta spend yer points on gear what'll help yer PvP survivability (so's you can live to get more points - you know how the system works!) what's the best value?

So I had Gog figger out the honor points per Stamina and per Resilience of each piece of gear what might be usefuls to me. Then thems what had the lowest point cost should be where I spends me points first. Well, it turned out that there weren't no clear winners. Some gear had cheaper stamina, some cheaper resilience. Hmmph.

Then I sez, Hey! Ain't there a +35 resilience bonus fer having two pieces of Gladiator's plate? Put that inta yer calculationizing. So he does. And then we see the followings:

(Big unexplained white space, and then ... )

Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets250273
Gladiator's Plate Shoulders250308
Sergeant's Heavy Cloak280397
Veteran's Plate Belt317476
Veteran's Plate Greaves317476
Gladiator's Shield Wall333517

Now, ain't that interesting. Says first two pieces of the S1 set is real cheap fer the survivability ya get. Also says I don't need really need to farm mats fer the Gauntlets of the Iron Tower or the Resolute Cape, since I can more PvPish gear cheaplies. Almost done farming fer the Brainbucket of the Stalwart Defender, though, so I'm gonna keep going with it. Even if it be an ugly-arse thing what could only look good on a hummie or maybes a belf pally.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Transmogrifications at Netherwing Ledge

Zinzi gets in touch with her inner orc:

In The Eye

So. Whooped it up at the Eye of the Storm about 15 more times this weekend. Got me about 4000 honor points, which be a lot more than the zero I had goin' in, and also be more than a quarter what I need fer me shield. I'm sure there's buggers what can get more than that before noon on Saturday, but I's satisfied.

Had me a gay old time in the Eye, I tell ya. I defended towers, I attacked towers, I fought fer control of midfield, I defended more towers. I charged, I concussed, I bashed, I did me best to be a prot warrior-sized pain in the arse. One time I tried picking up the flag and running with it, but in the excitement I got confusticated and ran the wrong way, which didn't work too good. So no more of that that 'til I grows a bigger brain.

Gotta go see what's on fer next weekend.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ratshag. Now With Honor

So I goes and talks to one of them Eye of the Storm recruiters what be hanging around Shattrath City this weekend. I tells the recruiter I's ready to join the fight. She says "wonderful! Sign here." And I does, and a few minutes later I's teleported out to some floating island in Netherstorm, where I's in some bubble with a buncha other hordies. We buff and mount up, and after a coupla minutes the bubble disappears. I followed some buggers to what turned out to be a belf-style tower. We hang around, and pretty soon we gets credit fer capturing it. The other buggers then moved on, but I figured someone should stick around and defend the place, just in case, ya know, and defense is what I's best at.

So how'd the fight go? Well, it's a good thing Mabd weren't there to see how easy I had it on my first time out. She'd've laughed her ass off, and then she'd look funny, and nobody wants that. Or maybe she'd've cried, but nobody wants that neither. Anywho, starts off two towers held by each side. Then Horde captures the flag. Then Horde captures a third tower. Then another flag. Then the fourth tower. Then the flag again. And again.

About this point a gnome warlock comes snooping around me tower. And so I pulls out me axe and we party a bit. Now, I ain't never gonna say another buggers gear sucks. But I will say I beat his arse down pretty effectively in me tanking gear. Which means me dps were maybe half what it be when I's out farming. At least the little bugger tried to do something fer his team. Just after that the fight ended, looking pretty lopsided:So, I got me first honorable kill. Evers. Now I know Mabd be laughing. And come tomorrow, I'll have me first honor points. Plus I got three EoTS Marks of Honor, so I's on my way towards getting me shield.
I's just a simple orc, and prognostificationizing ain't me strong suit, but I's betting it'll be a long time before I sees a battle this easy again.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Guest Blogger


I am DangerMouse. Annnd you arrre .....?

Ratss has this sentimental notion of giving the various member of the team more of the spotlight. He thinks it will improve morale, and maybe ssome of the readers will grow to like us. I find thiss to be rather pointless, since not only he but the rest of you are destined to die. Sssome of you may linger on a few decades, in growing misery, but the dirt awaits you all. Ssso why should I care if you like me or not?

Ratsshag is whisspering at me to not be sso fuhggin gloomy. Fine.

Happy happy. I am a cheerful walking abomination in the eyes of nature. Myself, I have no eyes (eaten by worms, you sssee) but I manage. Besst not to ask how.

Some more about me. No, my mother did not name me DangerMoussse. But I ssaw no reason to keep my life name after my body awoke in Deathknell. I sspent much of my career in the Ghostlands, working my way up to my nineteenth sseason. It is a pleasant area to work, with little direct sunlight and the Blood Elvess are sso desperate for asssisstance that they will accept anybody, unlike the snooty Taurenfolk in the Barrenss. Once I reached my nineteenth season I began fighting in the Warsong Gulch, which iss a good place to sharpen one's sskills. There are many opportunities to stab, ssap, gouge, and kick, without the tedious running around looking for quesstgivers. I am also using it as an opportunity to upgrade my equipment. I have a "I'll scratch your back, you pick the maggotsss off mine" deal with a troll shaman. She goes on mining sweeps for copper and tin, sells the ore, and gives the proceeds to me so I can purchase better armor at the auction house. In return I don't kill her and eat her corpsse. In addition I am saving my Marks of Honor and honor points so that I can purchase a ring, a necklace, a dagger, and then a Rune of Duty.

With a full sset of gear, I plan to set off into the wide world again. I intend to offer up my services to parties of adventurers working to infiltrate strongholds such as Sshadowfang Keep and Razorfen Kraul as well. Then I may return to the battlegroundss again. We sshall see.

So there iss my story. Why you would care, or I sshould care if you care, iss quite beyond me. But as a favor to Rats I wass willing.

Embrace the Shadow

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stupid Turtle

Recentlies me kid brother Gogmoth were in Tanaris, skilling up and getting paid to killer fubbernumpers. He were over on the western side of the zone, near the Un'goro Crater, when he comes across this turtle.
"I am so lost!" the turtle says. "My wife, Torta, sent me out to fetch dinner and I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.Would you be so kind as to lead me back to Torta? She's waiting for me just south of Steamwheedle Port."

Okay, this is just creepy. First of all, turtles don't talk. They don't. No way, no how. They don't say "Ouch" when ya hit'em with an axe, the hunter pets don't say "Feed me!" or "Woe is me!" when they's unhappy, Speedy the Turtle don't say "Oooh me poor little footsies" when he has ta keep up with an elite mount. All them turtles do is grunt a bit. 'Cept this one.

Second of all, what the freak was he doing on the wrong side of the desert??!? He lives next to the ocean - how could he miss it? That's like stepping off the Aldork Rise elevator and not being able to find the Terrace of Light, only with more wet and less rupturing of internal organs.


Anywho, since this turtle bugger promised that his wife would pay a reward, Gog says sure I'll show how to find the big huge impossible to miss ocean. And so the three of thems set off - Gog, stupid turtle, and Sharoona, the demonic minion with the name of a 5-year-old girl. They had to kill a few hyenas and other assorted varmints along the way, but that weren't no biggie. Soon enough, there's the ocean, there's the hungry and pissed-off missus, and there's Gogmoth's useless reward.

I wouldna believed none of it, but he snapped a few pics of the happy reunificationization:

Monday, January 7, 2008

"Mine!" "Mine!" "Mine!"

Loot Ninjas. They's everywhere.

Is Really Really Almost the End

Here's even more of me luggerchumpin' vacation pictures from Rodent World. There be more in other posts what I does later. Is getting very near the end, I really promises this time.

If you ain't sure what the fuhg is a picture of, don't worry yerself. This blog ain't supposed to make a lot of sense.

The rodent Uber-Boss hisself. And his minions.
Bugger kept showing up everywheres, and always in the flashiest outfits.
Saw him one-shot a dragon one night, so I figured I'd best be respectfuls.
And when he weren't around, there was statues and totems and whatnots.
Here he be chillin with Walt, his RL avatar.

And we all thoughts Cay was Teh Sqeakie. This here princess were so squeekie,
she sounded like she were poppin' helium pills.

Sometimes this place just reminded me of Un'goro Crater.

Is Still More Picture Time

Here's a few more of me vacation pictures from Rodent World. There be more in other posts what I does later. Is getting near the end, I promises.

If you ain't sure what the fuhg is a picture of, don't worry yerself. This blog ain't supposed to make a lot of sense.

The inn I were staying at had some major housekeeping issures:

That, and the elevator cables kept breaking.

She wants the Ratshag
This brazen redhead were too much fer them pirates,
but one look at me and she struck her colors and heaved to.

Bucha buggers was all a-googly over this here resto druid.
Ya'd think none of'em had ever seen a walking tree befores.

Is More Picture Time

Here's a few more of me vacation pictures from Rodent World. There be more in other posts what I does later.

If you ain't sure what the fuhg is a picture of, don't worry yerself. This blog ain't supposed to make a lot of sense.

Is the Polymorphing Pumpkin Princess and a couple of her rodent minions.
(There was rodents all over this dang place).

She were surprisingly limber fer a sixty-year-old villian.

Big-time Mages' duel at the Castle

Apparentlies this hat were the key to the Rodent Boss' magikal powers. But were cloth gear, so I hads ta vendor it.

Is Picture Time

Here's a few of me vacation pictures from Rodent World. There be more in other posts what I does later.

If you ain't sure what the fuhg is a picture of, don't worry yerself. This blog ain't supposed to make a lot of sense.

This here Naga Princess were most excited to see me.

Another of them princesses. This one be famous fer her Feral Druid boyfriend.

Wanted to get this fer TJ's next birthday:

But it wouldn't fit in me luggage. :(

Apparentlies the Abominable Greench hangs out here when he ain't in the Alterac Highlands.

The Fuhg's Up With the Armory?

Anybody know? I'm getting "This bugger ain't been active in a long, long, loooooonnnnnnnggggggggg time" messages on half the members of Team Ratshag. And that ain't the case.


Fair Warning

I's back from me vacationing. There will be some pictures soonish. Consider yerselves warndified.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Need More Stuff

I hate being dead. I hates it. When yer dead, you ain't going nowhere, you ain't learnin' nothing, and you sure ain't pullin' yer fuhggin weight.

Now, in the battlegrounds, getting dead is a fact of life. If yer gear sucks, then getting dead is a fact what happens a lot more often. DangerMouse has sure learned this the hard way, and she's been saving her coppers and leather of the monkey gear as fast as she can. Dak had the advantage of generous friends in high places, and so his gear be top-notch and he's got more than three times the health. Don't stop him from being a clueless idiot in the battlefield, but it do mean he spends more time learning and less time running back from the Whores-in-the-Gulch graveyard.

Which brings us to the subject of the most impotant member of Team Ratshag, me. I still want that shield, and these bracers look pretty useful fer tanking too. Plus, that battlegrounding action do look like funs. But the good gear fer PvPing mostly comes from PvPing, which kinda be one of them Catch 22 nuggerbluggers. So, I says to meself, "Self, what can I do to improve me gear and buy meself a little more not-dead-time?"

Useful bugger that he is, self answered. "Why don't you look around and see if there be any craftable gear what has built-in resilience?" Not a bad idea. Found three such items - two peices of plate and a cloak:

I took me old Adamantite Breastplate outta the attic, and replaced the crappy uncommon gems in it with +8 resil ones. There also be a +15 resil enchant ya can get fer it, which I'll work on getting when I gets back from vacationizing. Then I did a little research. There be three pieces of craftable gear which I could gets and still respect meself - coupla hybrid tanking/PvP plate items, and a cape. These would give me another 70 resil fer a total of 109, getting me outta the pathetic bracket and into the less-pathetic bracket. Coolness. So, what's it gonna cost me?
Bugger, it ain't gonna be cheap. Lots of hardened adamantite and primal earth, which at least I can mine for. The cape's gonna be a tough nuggerchumper - it also needs ten primal mooncloth. I can't even begin to do the mathifications on how much netherweave that's gonna take. And of course they each needs a primal nether, which means both not cheap and I'll need to find a blacksmith / blacksmith / tailor willing and ables to do the job.

So, is gonna take some efforts to get these gears. In the meanwhiles, I'll try to learn from DangerMouse and Dak what I can about battlefielding through osme..., osmi..., osmu..., through that thing where ya soak it up sponge-like.