Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Safety First!

The Assault-and-Mana Battery Bitch just sent me this linkage fer how to be safe when you's sharing a very special moment with that tasty piece of feral druidflesh. I strongly recommends you check it out.

Thanks fer looking out for us all, Bitch!


Trollin' said...

That is quite possibly the funniest druid comic I've ever seen.

Lovecat, lol.

Bell said...

O_o Is this a problem with Restos too? Or do things get...dare I say it...a little woody?

Anonymous said...


This item doesn't help with moonkin though Rats so you'll still have to be careful with them. Though I'll agree with their statement that moonkin lovers are sick.

Dobs said...

Wow. So very wrong. I love it!

Ratshag said...

@Trollin' - /agree

@Bell - If a fellah loves on a woman to the point where she turns into a wild animal, he's doin' somethings right. If he loves on her to the point where she turns inta a vegetable, well, he's got bigger problems than can be solved with his gear ...

@Sonvar - the tricky thing about boomkins is gettin' the feathers outta yer mouth without going Pffft! Pffft! Pffft! the whole time. Ruins the mood.

@Dobs - we loves the wrong here at Need More Rage

Mana Battery Bitch said...

I knew you'd like it :P

Feral druids need lovin' too!

Anonymous said...

I've always thought of ToL as looking like celery they say that celery contains androsterone, an odorless hormone released through male perspiration and turns women on.

Just you know, something to think about.

TheBigBearButt said...

See, I saw that, and as much as I laughed, I just felt this was wayyyy too bad.

And please... this panders to the furry crowd, but PLEASE don't get people started on the feathery crowd!

Kestrel might take offense!