Saturday, February 9, 2008

DangerMouse Is Festive

Hellooo people who are not yet dead but will be soon enough. Thiss is DangerMouse.

Ratss has gotten another idea into his head. He wantss everybody on the team to go talk to these Lunar Fesstival elderss and take their coins so that we can travel to Winterglade and turn them in for fesstive pant suits and dressess. He thinks thiss will make us into happy orc warrior minionss. What a sstupid idea. I am Forsaken - I have no interesst in talking to the sspirits of long-dead elders. But the fireworks are ssomewhat nice... And dumplingss! I remember my mother fixing dumplings for the Lunar Fesstival when I was a girl. And my sisster and I would ... Eyagh! It doesn't matter.

Fine, Ratter. I'll go collect ssome coins.

Some of thesse elderss are very tall ...

Even the dwarvess.

Wind Masster Faustron is still in Moonglade, Ratsshag, sstuck with the hippes. I gave him ssome words of advice to help him in his ordeal.

No, Ratss, I will not get the dress. I cannot ssneak through the shadows in a dress. Have Galertruby get one.
Sso, here I am all fesstive. Honoring Elune, who probably despisess walking abominations like me. Enjoy the festival everybody, and remember that it may be your lasst chance, for the Shadow awaits you all.


Euripedes said...

Little known fact.

Ice Block grants immunity from death. For 10 seconds anyways.

Unless a priest is involved.

Anonymous said...

<3 Dangermouse!

Ratshag said...

DangerMouse replies:

@euripedes - Breathing also grantss temporary immunity. In the end it doess not matter. Better to embrace the Sshadow now.

@Juergen - That's sso sweet. Of course, you're sstill going to die anyway, so it soessn't really matter.

Anonymous said...

I think the "Shadow" is laughing at you for wearing Elune's festive gear.

Ratshag said...

The Shadow rewardss strength in the face of humiliationss. Ssuch as those inflicted by Ratshag.

That, and I wore it into Warssong Gulch this weekend, and it iss now torn and bloodstained.