Friday, February 1, 2008

Is a Nice Place to Be

So I's wearing me dwarf costume the other day and runnin' some quests in the Redridge Mountains. Is a place I ain't never been before, 'cause Horde don't like mess around in Alliances back yard - can't repair yer gear nowhere, fer one thing. Anywho, I bump inta this young spacegoat shammy from me guild, and she says "what you killin' today?"

"Gnolls and murlocs and orcs" I sez.

"Photons be praised!" she sez (or something like that). "So am I. Would you like to kill them together?"

"Sure" I sez. So off we goes. Went pretty well fer the most part. Was one boss gnoll and his guards we couldn't quite handle, and we both got an opportunity to practice our resurrection skills (I don' give good resurrection yet, but I's working on it). Afters we go inta town to rest our feet and share a hookah and she asks if I's a tailor. I says I is (ain't all priests?) and then she hands me a few stacks of wool she'd picked up.

"Um, thanks," I sez, a little self-conscious (is the dwarf what makes me that way - never happens when I's my orcish self), "but me bags is full."

"Really? What size bags do you have?"


"Oh great googly moogly. Fio! Get off yer feathered arse and have yer tailoring alt make this bugger some runecloth bags!" Well, what she really said was politer and had a lot "the Naaru would wish it" and that sort of talk, but you gets the idea. So did Fio. Pretty soon I' got me a whole buncha 14-slot bags, and all sorts of room fer stacks of cloth, and I didn't even haveta listen to any puns.

I likes being in an active guild where folks help each other out again. Is a nice place to be.


Temerity Jane said...

Who gets away from Fio without having to listen to any puns?


BRK said...

And what guild are you talking about, "helping each other out"? Aetherial Circle? Could've sworn we were a bunch of self-centered @ss-munchin' loot-whores.

But maybe we're just generalizing.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. My current guild has really disapointed me. Unless you're part of the core raiding group, or have 20+hrs a day to play, you don't get a lot of help. I needed help getting the last parts of my Kara key, and had to PUG it. But in PUGing it I found some really AWESOME friendly people that I plan on grouping more with.

I'm hoping that my RL friend that plays WOW and others of us that are casual players, but are still willing to help eachother are going to form a guild. Hopefully this one will work out :)