Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yeah Is Past Time Fer A New Poll

So, last time we done did this, Superman showed what he also be the Man of Biphase Carbide, handily whuppin' the Ogre Mark V 68 ta 27. Now we got a new poll up, dredged up from the murky depths of that gray lumpy thing what I calls me brain. It be over on the sidebar, as per usuals.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ha Ha! Joke's On You!

Good goin', Mister Core Hound. If'n you weren't so dumbs, you'd done realize what this here be the silliest debuff fer ta throw at ol' Ratters. Reducifyin' by half of not too fuhggin' much means hardlies nuthin' at all. So there!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I's Just A Simple Orc...

... so I got no fluggerblunkin' clue what this here anonymoose comment be talkin' about:

Reduce it really is be getting pause, no more than I'm not much of quite frankly individual grown ups in all areas of thriving feature take their brains towards considered that people are headed each and every double-dip recession, Mityas described. He or she the well-known, but with, that actually just in case people type of analyzing very good double-dip shortcoming, a luxury scientific you'll see the original to very much glance at the distress the particular when baby deaths flows dicing opulence starts having lessen. Saks incurred folks an actual combined with angered really separate different kinds a huge in a position to disadvantaged compared to runs a huge moving say $ 70 per-cent within the fail of varied Lehman littermates the duration of .

It all sound very importants, though.

Dirty Ratters

I knows what yer thinkin'. "Did he done slaughter six thousand pirates, or onlies five?" Ya know, in all the excitement, I kinda lost track meself. But seein' as yer standin' in a pile of what used ta be yer friends, an' I's twenty yards away with Charge off cooldown, an' as you only gots 1100 health an' this here be a Axe of the Tauren Chieftains wit' a full Nightfall mog, the most powerfuls pre-raid PvE axe in Azeroth, an' it will take yer scraggly head clean off, you jus' gotta ask yerself one thing: "Self, does I feel lucky?" Well, does ya, pirate?

Naw, I's jus' playin with ya. You ain't lucky.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Is Where It Be A Bad Fuggin' Time Ta Be A Pirate

So, the other day I was up in Everlook, sittin' with Bozz Frammerwhizzle, the local muckety-muck, an' drinkin' some Uncle Bonechomper's Day Old Piss, when I sez ta him,

"Hey, Bozz? We been doin' business tagethers now an' then fer what? over five years now? So how's come yer shopkeepers is only givin' me a 10% discount, insteada, say, 20%?"

"Well, Ratshag," he wheezed. "It's not that we aren't Honored to have you in our modern metropolis, but the 20% discounts need to be earned and, well, I'm afraid you just aren't there yet."

"Great googly moogly, I done done every flupperjubbin' mission what needs doin' here. Ain't no more buggers with yellow thingydoodles floatin' over they's heads. So what hell ya more wants me ta do?"

He done gave me a sly look. "You could ... maybe ... kill some pirates for us?"

Pirates. Always gotta be the damn pirates, when yer dealin' with these Steamwheedle goblins. They hates the competition. "Um, dude...." I sez, lookin' around. "We's in the mountains. There ain't no pirates, just yetis and them furbloggers."

"Oh, no, not here," sez Frammerwhizzle with a dismissive wave. "But if you could see your way to kill a few down by Booty Bay, that would do. I owe the Baron a favor, you see."

I shruggifalized. Booty Bay. Is some good horizontal refreshments down that way. "Okay," I sez. "'Bout how many dead pirates ya be needin'?"

"Not that many. I'd so, oh, nine thousand or so would suffice."

Nine thousand. Sure. While yer at it, pull the other one. Is got bells and jingly monkey paws on it. Nine glubbernunkin' thousand. It ain't what I cain't do it, seein' as I's amazingly virile an' all, but where hell I gonna find me nine housand pirates, all conveniently close ta each other so I ain't got sit around fer hours waitin' fer more ta show?

But a funny thing happened, shortlies after I got there an' started doin' jobs fer the locals, whackin' the odd pirate her or there. Them pirates done launched a full-scale attack on the town, thousands of 'em crammed inta the ships holds. That's right. Thousands. An' as long as I don't tell the Baron what I killed eight of them buggers already, they's trapped in the harbor. Can't leave. Ever. Just gonna sit there an' respawn every few seconds. Sumthin' about the Pirate Code an' needin' fer ta par-lay. I cain't be bothered fer ta remember the details.

Is time fer ta unleash hell. Gonna stack them bodies like poker chips in Vegas.

Sucks ta be a pirate this week.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where The Wild Things Be

Is a sad farewell ta the bugger what taught the Wild Things
ta Roar they's terrible Roars
and Gnash they's terrible Teeth
and Roll they's terrible Eyes
and Show they's terrible Claws

So long, bro. We'll see ya in the Night Kitchen.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is Where Flinkalkkal Learns What A Windrunner Always Pays Her Debts

Careful, lil' mon. Dem bosses don' like ta be called short.

You t'ink questionin' her like dat be a wise move?

An' den she killed him an' we ate him, mon. He were delicious.