Monday, February 18, 2008

No Wonder That's The Name of that Blog

We got us our first druid here at Team Ratshag. Palintera's still on probation - dunno if she's gonna make the cut yet. But meanwhiles, she just learned her bear form, and Holy Crap is it an amazing transmogrification. Dang near knocked me outta me chair.
Palintera's Dainty Elf Butt

Palintera's Big Bear Butt
(same scale and everythings!)

I can see now why Windshadow calls her blog what she do. Is jagnormous! And very hard to not notice.

Speakings of, grats to BBBB on his new site. Is looks nice. I shall update me bookmarks, soonish.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ratter -
As a NElf druid I, too, was knocked outta my chair first time I did the finger wiggling into bear form. You get used to it. However, you may find it hard to see around yourself on stairs. Shadowfang Keep comes to mind. Perhaps you'll like the kitty druid better than the bear. And there's none of that sudden bear on top syndrome to worry about :-).

Bell said...

Did Palintera run around in bear form for a long, long while after getting it? Because goodness it is fun.

Anonymous said...

Is Pali on CC or Farstriders?

Ratshag said...

@Eus - Yeah, squeezin' a bear through SFK do sound like a challenge.

@Bell - well, she did spend a few minutes running around Darnassus and killing squirrels. That were kinda cool.

@Urthona - Actually, she's on Area 52, same as DangerMouse. There's a reason fer this, but I can't be bothered to remember what it were.

Anonymous said...

You'll come to love the bear form especially if you want to try taking on multiple mobs. Not sure what direction exactly you ultimately plan to go with but I'd recommend leveling as feral though.

Anonymous said...

go feral till you can get moonkin, then you can choose to go feral or, if have a mage friend, can spec to laserchicken, but that sitting down and drinking stuff slows down killing mobs :)

and leveling druid is pretty hard, you can't vanish or feign death, so have to be there till either you kill or get killed, normal bear only shares looks with dire one, but is really weak in comparison, don't overestimate its abilities as tank

as far as I remember my leveling, I stacked up as much stamina as could, then agil/str, and get omen of clarity talent as soon as possible, but at the beginning that cat seemed way too squishy, I started to enjoy it only when got my AP over 2500 at 70ty, now it's close to 3000 with 42% dodge and 39% crit and rogues flee from me in BGs lol