Friday, February 8, 2008

Killing Spree In Ashenvale

Okay, so I exagerates a bit. It happens.

The other day I's wearing me dwarf costume and I'm runnin' down the road in Ashenvale, heading towards Aaastraanaaar. Just minding me own business, when I sees two Tauren and a Night Elf goin' at each other up ahead. Now, I's still an orc on the inside, but I's all Alliance on the outside, and besides, two-on-one don't seem fair.

So I flags up and drops a SW:Pain on the Tauren what seems to be the more engaged, following it up with a Mind Blast and a Smite. You know, I really get inta the names fer these spells what priests get. They's more colorful sounding than Charge and Rend and Sunder Armor, even if all they is is stand there and wiggle yer fingers. But I digressifies.

Pretty soon Mr. T Number the One goes down, but not before he does fer Mr Elf. Now it's just me and Mr T Number the Two, who's just sorta been standing there the whole time. Readin' a book maybes, I dunno. As I drops some Pain on him, I takes a second to see what season he is (yeah, I know, I shoulda checked sooner, but I were all excited to get into me first priestly PvP fight). Uh-oh. He registers as a skull. Not good. Of course, he resists me attack, but then he shakes a bit and then his eyes focus on me. Crap. As I's startin' to wonder what class he is, he pulls out a bow and twang! I's dead.

So there it is. Never did see the two Taurens agains - they was gone by the time my ghost got back to me body. Judgings by the bodies still lieing in the streets of Aastraaanaar when I gots there, I figures Number the Two had shown Number the One a shortcut to the Zoram'gar Outpost. That woulds explain why they was flagged. And it do save the trouble of dealing with all them spiders and wolves.

So. One honorable kill as a dwarf. Is a start.

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Anonymous said...

Woot!! Way to go Ratsy, wait til you get all those sweet shadow spells...hehe