Saturday, February 23, 2008

L2 Priest

I's still learning to be a dwarf priest. At times it be all inconvenient-like.
But I has been finding some useful references. First off be a whole bunch of recommended talent specs at season 19, 29, 39, etc. over at Includes variations fer PvE, PvP, and whatnots. Second good reference I picked up this week is a really impressives How to Melt Facesguide and flow chart fer shadow priests over at Dwarf Priest. Also has smites fer thems what insist on being holy. Is geared more fer endgame than leveling, but still most usefuls.

Edit: The Dwarf Priest were kind enough to gives me a link to a most impressive priest leveling guide she done put together a while back. So now me breakfast be complete.


Emily said...

Fer the levelin'

/emofire said...

I've gotta ask out of curiositys. After a big bad orcish warrior thing, why a priesty?

Ratshag said...

@emo - Well, it were all sorta accidental-like. I was just planning to put on this dwarfy priest costume to say hello to some of me blogosphere friends, but then Mister BRK went and invited me inta his guild. And since this guild were full of interesting folks what were going places, unlike me guild which were all quiet and empty and cricket-chirpy, I figured what they hey and ran with it.