Friday, February 22, 2008

Ratshag Rep Grind

So, teh Sqeaky Priest were asking me the other day how she could get enough Ratshag rep so's she could invite me and me amazing virility to come helps out with the tanking. Can't do it right now 'cause, well, I's an orc and she's a funny-smelling dwarf what can't talk proper.

Well, I did me some researches (and bribed me high-INT kid brother Gogmoth to helps with the mathifications) and here be the some total of what you needs to get to exalted with Faction Ratshag. It be a long, pain-in-the-arse rep grind, but I thinks we can all agree it be worth it.

To Neutral: 1074 Wolpertinger Horns (Alliance only - Hordies already starts at neutral)

To Friendly: 875 Gnomish Marriage Proposals
At Friendly, Alliance types learn basic orc communication, such as: "Axe", "Mommy", "Rep grinds is Da Poop!"

To Honored: 2358 troll hookahs , plus one set Throat Piercers for DangerMouse.
At Friendly, adventurers may purchase Rat Bicuits - restores 874 health over 27 seconds

To Revered: 1124 Murloc Cufflinks (gold, not silver! orcs is allergic to the silver)
At Revered, Alliance types learn advanced orc communication: "Wait fer the dang sunders, you stupid bugger!", "That S3 axe would go well with my weapon collection", "I am one tough hunkerglubber", "Rep grinds is Da Poop!"

To Exalted: 3846 pair Ogre Undies, 427 Naga Nighties, 1 Uther the Lightbringer's Garter Belt with Pink Roses.
At exalted, adventurers may purchase a really nifty tabard, bottles of Ratshag's Jungle Juice - makes you slightly tipsy and restores 4200 mana over 30 seconds
Alliance types may invtite Ratshag to run instances with thems afters they become exaltified.

Where does you go to find these items? Buggered if I knows - I can't be bothered to keep track of the details. But I does know that all faction reward items is purchasable from Ratshag Faction Quartermaster Boy Friday , who is usually loitering around the Orgrimmar mailbox.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't they already have some rep with you since you hang around them in dwarf priestly clothing?

Ratshag said...

is works the other way - I be earning Squeaky Rep

Anonymous said...

I've often wanted to learn Orc...drives me nuts when I walk past them in Shatt and can't understand what they're /saying

Carrie said...

"Rep grinds is Da Poop!"

<3 because that's truth.

/emofire said...

I'd do it. :(

Bell said...

Another rep grind?! least the rewards for this one aren't just useful, they're entertaining!

What's the tabard look like?

Mana Battery Bitch said...

I'll have to add this to my list, as I aim for exalted with all factions some day :/

Triscribe said...

@ Bell:
Tabard is a hand-painted battleaxe over a mug of beer. :)
Because what more does Ratshag love, honestly?