Thursday, November 8, 2007

Number the Three

Well, we did it. We went back in time and protected Medivh while he opened the Dark Portal. Here you can see that the portal is open and the first orcish troops is checking it out. See that one on the left? I think he's me dad's uncle.

I tell ya, it were a hell of a fight. Not 'cause me guildies ain't awesome, 'cause they is, but it weren't really our kind of fight. We had me, and Zinzi who gives way wicked healing, and our two survivalist hunters Bull and Aelion what can lay traps like nobody's business. And Throttle, who totally rocks at being sneaky. They's so awesome at crowd control that sometimes I need to remind'em to leave somebody for me to fight. But this weren't a crowd control fight. This were a lay down the law, take no prisoners, maximum overdrive dps fight. And it were hard going for a while there. But we rallied and pulled together and got the muggerflumpin job done. And I got some high-end loots out of it, but I'll talk about that another time.

So what does this mean? Means there's gonna be decades of wars, famines, exterminations, concentration camps, Thrall gets to boink Jaina Proodmore, legions of undead, and I get to grow up in the deserts of Durotar. There's reasons why this is all a good thing, but I can't be bothered to remember the details.

What's more important is what it means for me, in the here and now. You sees, after we'd killed all the evil time dragons and the Portal was good and open, I goes and talks to Medivh. And I shows him the key what Khadgar had put together from the pieces I'd pulled outta Shadow Lab and Steamvault and Arcatraz. And he was all "Dude. The fuhg you get this?" Then he takes that key and gives me one what looks just like it but apparently is charged up or something and tells me to go talk to Khadgar again. So back I goes to Shattrath and shows it to K and he says "Ratter you are good to go. Waltz yerself over to Karazhan and get yerself a buttload of purples!" Well, okay, he didn't really say that. But he did say that the key to Karazhan is really and truly mine, and I shoulds go use it.

So here it be. The key to the great tower of Karazhan. Don't look like much, do it? But it could unlock the next phase of me life, so I figure it's pretty darn important. Now I just gots to find a crew to go in there with me. I knows Zinzi and Aelion'd be up for it, 'cause they's troopers and got some righteous gear, but it don't look like anyone else in our tiny uber-casual guild is gonna come with us. So I don't know what I'm gonna do. But I'll worry about that tomorrows. Fer now, I's just gonna scratch Goal and Priority Number the Three off me list, and that's good enough.


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Eric Marin said...
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Eric Marin said...


Excellent tanking by you, Ratter, as always.

Gauntlet said...

Are those neat looking shoulders part of the loots? They appear to be new, looking at your other shots.

Anonymous said...

/cheer @ Ratsy

good job restoring order as it should be. we can all feel safe and secure in our beds tonight knowing that we won't get erased from existence.

Ratshag said...

@Everyone - Thanks! Feels good to reach a milestone, ya know?

@Gauntlet - actually those are me tanking shoulders and I only wears them in instances so that's why they's different (I got'em off of Murmur in Shadow Lab). But the loots I got were the matching leggings.

@Kakalaki - Yep, sleep sound. I's on the job.

Anonymous said...

As a Draenei Hunter I'm a bit opposed to helping those orcs into Azeroth it's become quite the home for me. However, I also like purple loot too and technically if he didn't succeed I wouldn't be on this planet. So it looks like I'm off to save Medivh and the havoc from the orcs coming across. I don't say this much to orcs but congrats man and I hope you didn't find any female orcs in that crowd and decide they were fairly attractive as that could your grandma's, or your grandma's sister.

Anonymous said...

Ratshag your funny.
So funny i made a post about you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your key!!