Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Green-Eyed Temptress

Somedays, I hands the ball to the muse and gotta get the hell outta that green-eyed temptress's way as she charges off with it, trampling everything into the mud. That's the days I get to post something I really likes.

Somedays, I hands the ball to the muse and she takes running, only to discover that she's tied her shoelaces together and splats herself facedown in the mud. Those days I get posts something what's maybe okay, maybe not so much. Facts of life.

Somedays, I tries to hand the ball to little miss-green-eyes, and she goes "Piss off Ratter! I'm tired! I was on a frickin' airplane all the night before last, then I was in meetings all day, then I was on a different frickin airplane all last night, and the flight was delayed, and the kid behind me kept kicking the seat and his parents Wouldn't Give Him ANY FRIGGIN RITALIN!!!" When she's like this I got no idea what she's talkin' about, but I figures it's best to back up slowly, holding out me hands and making no sudden moves.

So, not much of a post this morning. Maybes I'll get something later. A few tidbits of things I could talk about, but ain't got no muse at the moment:

I finished Goal and Priority Number the Two .
Team Ratshag may be opening a foreign branch office.
Should I take up engineering? I's been pondering the pros and the cons.
Is me guild kaput? Looks like.
Tomorrow is SayThankYou Day. Gonna be sure to do that.


Anonymous said...

I personally don't like giving up one of the gathering professions especially since mining is major source of materials for engineering, jewelcrafting, and blacksmithing. Since you just finished making the Lunar Cresent obviously you wouldn't be giving up blacksmithing you'd be giving up mining. My suggestion before doing so if you find that the tanking googles you can make is worth it that you either gather materials to help level it up before you start or make sure you have deep pockets. Engineering is by far the most expensive profession to level. Though there are rewards gathered from it like those engineering googles, the ability to rez with jumper cables(though they aren't a 100% guarantee to work), repair bots, and you can make your own bullets, arrows, and guns. Basically if you did it you'd be aiming for the very high end engineering equipment of,, and Overall, its a matter of how long you feel it will be before you can get tier 5/tier 6 headgear. Because the googles you can make are about equivalent to tier 5/6 head pieces.

Anonymous said...

As a side note if Ellspeth or Gogmoth are willing to help you with mats its a slightly easier choice to drop mining.

Ratshag said...

Yup, I think you've layed it all out pretty nicely. Is it the most expensive profession? Not sure everyone'd agree with that, but I can't be bothered to do the mathifications. Either way, it sure ain't cheap.

How longs till I get Tier 5/6 headgear? Roughly forevers.

Already got me a Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer, but a Goblin Rocket Launcher ain't bad for tanking. Plus it'd be way cool.

Fiordhraoi said...

The moment they allow you to use engineering trinkets in animal form, I am dropping herbalism to get Engineering.

Epic FF + 2 goblin rocket launcher trinkets.


Anonymous said...

You just want a ROFLCOPTER to impress the chicks!

Ratshag said...

@Fio, if it ever happens, I'm transfering to Drenden just so I's can see you in action.

@lal - They's already impressed. But a flying machine and a silk scarf never hurts, and I don't think us blacksmiths is gonna be getting an elite anvil mount anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Well you're probably right not every one would agree its the most expensive profession out of all of them it is the one that brings in the least money. This is because most if the useful items that could be sold require you have engineering. If you want the goblin rocket launcher just be sure to go the goblin engineering route because the gnomes be afraid of the bigger explosives.