Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sorry Fellas, I's off the Market

The other day I's at the Skyguard base outside Ogri'la, pickin' up another rope to wrangle rays with (careless Skyguard, keep losin' the ones I bring'em), when I feels the love. Who is U____? I wonders the same thing, so I turns around to see. Turns out it's Mr. U____, a Nelf druid. Who is this bugger, and why does he love me? I wonders to meself. Not sure how to respond, since I don't speak degenerate languages like Nelfish, I falls back on an old standby. Bwahahahahahaha! goes the Helm of Evil Laughter. At this, U____ salutes, I wave back, still befuddlized, and then we goes our separate ways.

So what did it all mean? I figures there be three possibilities:

Possibility the First: U____ is a fan of me blog, and recognized me. In which case, coolness! Welcome U____, and thanks for reading. Feels free to drop a comment so I'll know who the freak you is next time.

Possibility the Second: Someone got all excited by the Helm of Evil Laughter. It is, after all, the coolest piece of loot to drop in all Azeroth and Outland. Way cooler than this. And it's gotten people excitified befores.

Possibility the Third: U____ got hisself all swept up by me amazing virility and studliness, and just had to proclaim his love for me. Understandable, and I ain't threatened by it or nuthins, but it ain't gonna work. I just ain't that kinda orc. But bests of luck to ya, U____, finding yerself that special warrior.

Okay, it's also possible he just thought I was someone else. But I finds that one hard to swallow.


Anonymous said...

Off the market AGAIN?


Anonymous said...

He's been off the market since this post http://needmorerage.blogspot.com/2007/11/sorry-ladies-is-coming-off-market.html so I'm not sure where the again is from. At least he hasn't yet told us that things didn't work out.

Maybe he's another NE friend of Hydrargyrum?

Anonymous said...

apparently ratsy is a polygamist. and the scary thing is that he has dudes that turn into furry things chasing him. ratsy, one quick swing of the mighty axe can take care of that issue.

Ratshag said...

Pollywogalist? I is?

Anonymous said...

One swing of that axe would've done nothing. We live on a RPPVE server, and I never flag. Too many trees to hug to bother with a scuffle.

My name is Urthona, and I am Possibility the First.

While I have no doubt you have to beat the lads and lasses off with a stick, I'm afraid our tryst in Ogri'La was the unfortunate result of a lack of suitable cross-faction emotes.



In other news, I am an associate of a lonely 36 Tauren shaman, currently making a mess of things in Dustwallow. I would be sorely appreciative if you could introduce him to some friends to play with on the red team.

Ratshag said...

Ha! I knews if I talked about it here, I could smoke him out!

Welcome, Urthona! Ya really did pretty good with them emotes, considerings the limitations.

Hmmm, introductions fer the lonely Tauren ... me guild is more-or-less kaput, due to peoples getting burned out and retiring, the wankers. Which is why I been branching out of late into the Alliance side of the universe. If ya can catch Gogmoth he'd be happy to hang wit you fer a bit, but he ain't been doing much of late neithers. Any other CCers lurking about?

Anonymous said...

Not entirely on topic but I just realized you're in my Battlegroup. Maybe I'll see you on the other side at some point.