Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Like the Last Dodo

There it is. The last green exclamation point in Azeroth. Had to go all the way to Moonglade to find it. This poor bugger is Faustron. He manages the wind riders in this green hippie dippy druid paradise. He says he has come to really, really hate hippies, and he's put in an application for a transfer to Desolace, where "there ain't so many fuhggin trees!"

What was I doing in Moonglade. of all places? Well, me kid brother Gogmoth is a tailor, among other things, and he's been making stuff with all the runecloth I been sending him from Outland lately. And he needed the pattern for to make the runecloth bags. You know the ones, the fourteen-slotters everone was packing back when the Black Portal opened and then we discovered netherweave? Yeah, them. Anywho, the only person what sells the pattern is this goblin in Winterspring, and Gog ain't had a chance yet to convince the furblogs what control the tunnels through the mountains that he ain't gonna eat their babies or try to sell them insurance or something equally abominable. So he can't get to Winterspring and he needs me to go get it for him. "Fine" I says. And while I's there I remembers something about tailoring patterns in the hippie dippy hollow, which I ain't never been to before. Plus, I got this really old quest I picked up in Thunderbluff to go talk to one of the treehuggers. So I go's and walks through the furblog tunnel off to the happy valley.

Turned out the tailoring plans was all bind on pickup, so Gogmoth's gonna have to drag his lazy seamstress butt up there to get them hisself. But while I was there I tracked down old Faustron, who's probably the loneliest wind rider master in all Azeroth. Felt sorry for the bugger, so I hung out with him a bit before flying back to Org. We had us a few beers and watched the hippie chickies skinny dipping in the pools, which he says is pretty much the only thing to do for fun up there. It weren't a bad way to spend the afternoon, 'til they turned into bears and cats and walruses - then we might as well have been watching the nature channel.

I hopes he gets that transfer he's after. Poor sod.


Anonymous said...

From my understanding he could be stuck there for a good while as they've yet find someone dumb enough to replace him. Not saying Faustron is dumb but he was young orc who didn't know what he was getting into and took the first job opening available. Now he's stuck there as word of the job has spread and no one wants to replace him. Maybe if they could get an Orc who has only lived in the Outlands to do it then he might get out of there but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

At least he has his life easy. The poor wind rider master in Shattrath barely gets time to eat!