Thursday, November 22, 2007

She Keeps Me Not Dead

Is SayThankYou Day.

This tasty morsel of trollflesh is Zinzi, from her perky ponytail and and tusks down to her sexy toes. I've talked about her sometimes - she gives good resurrection. What she also does is heal my ass through every dungeon in Outland, from when I was a lowly 60 first setting foot in the Hellfire Ramparts all the way through to Tempest Keep. Plus sidetrips to such scenic locales as Caverns of Time and Black Rock Spire. She was wearin' epics back when I was having to ask directions to Crossroads, and she's been to big league places like Gruul's and Serpentshrine, but she's always got time to help me when I need help killing Demon Paininthepatootie 'cause he drops some nice plate gear. And she don't even hold it against me that time in Undead Strat I got mind-controlled and lopped her head off.

Thanks, Zin. Wouldn't be half the orc I is without ya.



Anonymous said...

You'd definitely would be a much more dead Orc w/o her.

Anonymous said...

Always a fun read.. danke :p.