Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Political Crisis Narrowly Averted

The other day I's in that great cosmopolitan melting-pot / cesspool Shattrath City, checkin' me mail and minding me own business. When this little gnome runs up and laughs at me. Now, I knows gnomes is an uneducated folk and generally don't speak civilized languages like orcish, so I don't waste time politely inquiring what the fuhg her problem is. Instead I just goes back to reading me mail.

And then she poked me. Hey! And laughed at me again. At this point I's thinking this little gnome is begging to be punted off the Tier and into the Lower City with the refugees and other vermin and losers. (This would be the political crisis part, 'cause they frown on that sort of thing in Shat, even on the Scryer's Tier). But just as I start to grabs for her, the light bulb goes off in me head. She wants it, I realize. She wants it bad. And I's just the orc to gives it to her.

So I throws back me head, flings out me arms, and gives it to her. "Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!" goes the Helm of Evil Laughter. The little gnome shrieks with delight, jumping up and down and cheering. Then I goes back to me mail and she goes off to do whatever it be that happy little gnomettes do.


Tami Parker said...



You, sir, are a gentleman among savages.

kakalaki said...

Though my hatred of Orcs runs deep in my blood, room for I that I don't mind slightly can be made.

Your kindness pleases me... good job :)

Wildhermit said...

Keep the gnomes entertained, I will know where to send them when you get your "santa hat". You know the epic one that comes from the 70 level Grinch and his evil gnome minions in a month?

It will let out a bellowing "Ho, Ho, Ho" and cause a small snowfall in a 10ft radius around you.... I can feel it... it is coming....

Anonymous said...

Bah. Google Reader orders your dual blogs so this one is second. So as I said on the VoxBlog:

"Love is in the air..."