Sunday, November 11, 2007

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

Check it out! Me and Sleepy Willy is fishing in Zangarmarsh now. Got me skill over 300 and everything.

Great thing about fishing in Outland is the fish is actually worth eating. Even in the shallow end of Zangarmarsh (no pesky nagas, and the hydras pretty much leave me alones) I can catch the stuff for stewed trout, blackened sporefish, and feltail delight. Little more practice, and I'll be catching motes of water and goldenscale vendorfish likes a pro.

Wants to thank thems what been inspiring me to keep pushing forward with this hobby - the Egolisticacious Priest, the assault-and-battery bitch, almost evil Hydra, and me guildie Mr. Hoof. Thanks guys!


Mana Battery Bitch said...

That assault and battery thing was TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT! That Gnome had it coming! /cough

Anyway, congratulations on Zangra fishing! It literally took me like, a week, and of casual fishing at that, to get from 300 to 375. I was too excited that the fish was useful to myself and my guild to notice the points flying by. Just wait and see!

Hydra said...

Belated thanks Ratshag for coming to say “Hi”! I was very honored.

With all the fishing I do I am at 368/375. Have to hunker down and stare down that 375 because it isn’t going to come easy.