Thursday, November 1, 2007

Behold the Power of TJ

Dang, look at all the hits I got yesterday, thanks to TJ's endorsification. Appreciates everybody coming by, even if the humans did eat all me buffalo-style Arakkoa wings and the Taurens ate me whole lawn. I expects many left thinking somethings like "That was ... ummm ... different" and a few probably felt the need to take a shower, but somes liked what they read and said they be back, so I's happy.


Temerity Jane said...

My stats look just like that whenever BRK links to me.

kakalaki said...

mmmm.... buffalo-style Arakkoa wings. You do a good job, keep it up.

...and in the words of the Gov of Cali "I'll be back"

Anonymous said...

Well, I did follow the link from TJ's site, and liked what I saw. So now yer on me favorites and I'll be a regular.

Us Orcs gotta stick ta'gevver!

Anonymous said...

very amusing and I'll keep this one in mind when I rotate through blogs I look at while at work

Wildhermit said...

I see those spikes when I make the "cool" list too Ratshag. I have to say that out of all the blogs that I read during the day yours is the most.... unusual :)

I like the "orc" voice, keeps it refreshing and will keep me coming back. Reminds me of my orc speak when I played Warhammer 40K... WAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Randomguru said...

hi there! i found your site via NaBloPoMo.

great stats.