Tuesday, November 6, 2007

5 Things I've Come to Hate

Still killing spiders for they's Dreadfang venom sacs so's I can convince the Aldorks I ain't a total nuggerfumper. Alongs the way I have come to hate 5 things about this job.

Thing One: Slow Acting Poison
It is really fuhggin embarrassing to exterminate a bunch of spiders, loot they corpses, say to yerself "self, you's getting low on health. you shoulds eat something", reply "yeah, pretty soon", and then fall down dead. Okay, so it only happened that one time. Still, that's enough to hate it.

Thing Two: Warp Hunters
These teleportin' bastards hang out in a lot of the same places as the spiders. It ain't that they's so tough, it's that they like to sneak up on you from behind-like while yer spiderizing. So then ya gots to turn around to fight them. Then they teleports behind you, so you gotta turn around again. It's an aggravation.

Thing Three: Alliance Killing me Spiders
They's my spiders. Nobody should be killings'em without I say okay. Now, if it's a hordie poaching them, at least there's a good chance any venom sacs'll end up on he AH, where I can buys them at me leisure. If it's a pasty-skinned human, though, them sacs is gone forever. Wankers.

Thing Four: Inventory is Full
If I can stack 200 venom sacs into one slot, how's come I can only get five leg tips into the same space? It's only the tip - it ain't like I's trying to cram the whole fuhggin leg in there! And why does a ring take up as much space as a freakin' breastplate. Stupid magic bags.

Thing Five: The Darkmoon Faire
They's parked in a space outside of Shattrath taking up space what could be full of valuable spiders, the buggers. Why can't they set up inside the city, on the Terrace of Light. Lots of space there, and then old A'dal could go and maybe buy hisself a frog pet or somethin'.


Shannon said...

I have to say I like the lil warp hunters! The are so cute!!! Plus, I dot 'em so they don't disapear for long...

Ratshag said...

That's cool. I gots no problem hating cute things.

Wildhermit said...

I have the perfect invention for you Ratshag... I hear this is coming to a local Goblin novelty shop near you... Goblin Carrier Pigeons. Yep. That is jsut what you need, take your junk in your bags stick them on you carrier pigeon and then fly them to the bank....

Fiordhraoi said...

I enjoy farming an area where a hordie is farming as well. :)

The other day, I needed some Primal Life, and I was running low despite being a flower-picker. So I stop in Zangarmarsh for a bit to depopulate the local giants that are apparently related to whatever is growing in my fridge at the moment. Now, these guys are particularly good for me to kill, since not only can they drop motes of life, but I can rip out their gut-equivalents afterward to make sure there's nothing left.

So I'm doing my thing, when I notice an undead priest killing as well. And she's leaving the bodies behind, so she's obviously not as talented a mold-scrounger as me, go figure. She's 70, so she's not having TOO much trouble, but it's painfully obvious she's a healy type priest and while in no danger of dying, can't exactly kill very quickly.

So, I run over, and help nuke the giant beating on her, then wave at her. She loots the body, I step up and "skin" it. Then I point at her, point at another giant a bit away, then point to me.

After a minute, she gets the idea, and we start running around. I'll wait for her to tag one, toss a few dots on it, then kill one of my own. We'd finish at about the same time, at which point I'd loot mine and skin both.

Worked out well for both of us, even if our only viable form of communication was obscure gestures.

I'm not sure, I think due to some twist of Forsaken etiquette, I might have married her, though.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

^ that'd be some interesting offspring!