Saturday, December 29, 2007

Boingy-Ears' Big Debut

Keeping good on her promise ta run Dak through dungeons 'til his eyes bleed, me friend Hydra took him into the Stockades and Blackfathom Depths the other night, so's he could pick up a ring and some bracers. A little grinding in Westfall, and the bugger reached his nineteenth season and put on the rest of his gear.

At this point his health be running around 1300, which is way more than I had at that point in me career, and three times what little DangerMouse was packing last weekend. And he ain't gotten off his lazy arse and gotten his enchants done, so that'll probably add another couple hundred. So, time ta put it to some use.

This be Warts On Gulch weekend, so the timings be perfect. His first match took less time ta win than he'd been waiting in the queue, with the Sentimentals beating the Ninnies 3-0. He says he got some licks in, but I suspectifies that it were so mismatched in didn't matter if he were there or not. Second match were different - Ninnies jumped out to a 2-0 lead, then the Sentimentals dug in and screwed they's courage to the stickin' place (see! I's got culture!) and after about 45 minutes they eked out a 3-2 win. Dak sez he had hisself a grand time, charging and hamstringing and bashing and generally trying to be the shoe in the other buggers' machine. His numbers was only about average, but as I understands it that's how it oughtta be fer us warriors.

Afters he were in Stormwind checkin' his mail and whatnot when this tall drink of Nelflesh comes up and starts talkin' to him. Turns it it were A____, one of the veterans in his twinky-dinky guild. She checked out his gear and his form and bitch-slapped him a coupla times in a friendly way fer not having a tabard yet. Then she goes and buys him one (he's wearin' it in the pic aboves) and sez "Wear yer colors proud, newb!" or somethings like that. Then she invites him to do some 2v2 arenafications with her. "Sure" he says, all clueless.

They did three rounds together, winning'em all. I expects she were checking out his action, seeing if he were a trainable guppernumper or just a complete waste of oxygen and pixels. Looks like he didn't totally fuhg up, 'cause afters she said she were lookin' forwards to runnin' BGs with him (after he's had some more practice). So goods fer him.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Dak on his ventures into WSG. Maybe you'll see better damage returns once all the enchants are done.

Ratshag said...

Dak sez thanks. Actually, he said "Why, thank you very much, Mr. Sonvar." He so polite.

The enchants'll definitely help, especially crusader. And of course there's that whole skill and experience thing. I hears ya do better if ya gots some.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to little Dak. As much as I hate his kind, nothing warms the heart like a wee little warrior hacking his way up.