Saturday, December 22, 2007

What the Fuhg Kinda Name is That?


"Yeah, Shaaroon."

"Why'd you name him that?"

"I didn't name him. It just is his name."

"That's no name fer a demon. Sounds like a kinda nut."

"Careful there Ratshag. You'll piss him off."

"Pfft. Shaaroon might get pissed. You two is what, twelfth season?"

"Fifty. I's closing in on you, big brother."

"Double pfft. Shaaroon. Sounds like a little girl. Does little girl things when ya ain't bossing him around. Picks berries ta make jam or something. Manaberries for Sharroon."

In the end, we settled this philosophical discussion on the appropriateness of Gogmoth's new Felguard's appellationizing in the time-honored tradition of brothers: I pinned him ta the ground and gave him noogies 'til he couldn't take no more. He tried ta get Shaaroon (what a goofy name) to help him, but the ugly bugger just stood there and said "Too pathetic to fight your own battles?"

'Course, I is proud of me little brother. He's come a long way from the scrawny little geek what would sacrifice chickens when Ma weren't lookin' in the hope of summoning a Pit Lord and making it clean his room. But I can't be runnin' around saying that. Don't want it goin' ta his head or nuthin'.


Anonymous said...

"You cannot command me!"

"Attack that thing over there."


Silly demons. All flame and fury but hapless suckers for a little purple candy. I have more trouble sucking candy out of cute Draenei than pushing that big lout around. My adorable little Rhuufun is different though, yapping around and nipping at wee little gnome mages' heels (or heads, I can't really tell). My Rhuufun is the cutest felpup ever!

-T, Macho Orc Warlock

/emofire said...

Poor Flaaroon never gets any respect either even when he's off tanking something.

Trollin' said...

Boldog and Shaathun are a scary pair.

(Shaathun has a bit of an identity crisis. He keeps thinking he's some big eye god thing stuck in the ground sometimes.... )