Saturday, December 22, 2007


I's just a simple orc and I's sometimes a step or three behind them high-INT clothies. I were wearin' me dwarf costume and doing some priesty business when I gets this warning. Maybe the place were about to blow up and Teej were really desperately tryin' ta get me out? Perhaps an invasion of bloodthirsty Troggs? Ice trolls had penetrated the outer defenses? Or the radioactive gasses from nearby Gnomegron had seeped their way through gaps in the rocks? Or did TJ have information that my disguise had been pierced and I were only moments from being arrested and thrown inta some deep dark pit, to be followed by torture and execution? I had no idea, so I hopped on one of them eagle-lion thingies and flapped my arse outta there.

Or maybe she were just funnin' me?


BRK said...

She was most likely recovering from her delusions of purchasing a Don Santos gun of the AH.

For her warlock.

Ratshag said...

Maybe she could gives it to her voidwalker. Ya know, give him some ranged dps.