Sunday, December 23, 2007

Knock Knock

So what does two veteran Horde warriors do on they day off?
They puts on dwarf costumes and tell knock knock jokes.

Okay, yeah, I realize that don't make any sense at all, but just rolls with it anyhows.

This bugger here be Kelmar, which is what me friend Herk of Arms & Fury calls hisself when he feels like being vertically challenged. Me, I picked up a super-duper whizzbang dwarf costume so's I can sneak inta Ironforge without getting ganked. (Unfortunately, it were defective and made me into a first season priest. Mores on that some other time.) Anywho, he saw me runnin' down the road near Kharanos and stopped fer a quick how-do and a snapshot, which were real polite of him.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Herk is a nice fella though he didn't stop to let me get a photo with him or of him. =(

Kelmar said...

Awww Sorry Sonvar but in my defense I was "first season" and I think you were off somewhere... deadly to me.