Sunday, December 30, 2007

His Heart Be Full of Unwashed Socks

So I's up in the Alterac Mountains, farming snowballs fer some of me young friends to power they's Winter Veil gifts. And I says to myself, "Self, there ain't nobody here. A week ago when you tried to hunt the Abominable Greench it couldn't be done 'cause there was so many other folks here muddying up the waters. But now there ain't nobody. Why don't you go look fer the buggerthunker?"

Took me about 30 seconds to find his hairy arse. Took way less than that to put it down. I scoop some more snowballs, then hops back over to Org and looks up the Smokywood Pastures Goblin. He's so pleased for to get his box of stolen treats back, he done give me a special gift.


Anonymous said...

You "need more rage" while fighting that one lol. So what did you find in your present?

Khadar said...

That's a big yeti.