Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stupid Buggerin' Goblins

So, deal is, a few weeks ago I posted about picking up the last flight path in Azeroth. Felt pretty good about having tracked it down, way up in MoonTreeGladeHippyValley, or whatever it's called. That place where the druids hang and go skinny dipping without having to worry about rogues and warlocks getting the water dirty. And then what happens? Just two days later the Goblins go and set up a new one in the middle of nowheres, also known as southern Dustwallow Marshes.

Buggerin' Goblins, messing up me bloggings.

So now I gotta go check out this new town of they's. Mudsprocket, they call it. Crummy little mudball town makes Marshal's Refuge look like a friggin' boomtown, I tells ya. New Gadgetzan it ain't. No bank, no AH, no trainers, and the pickings for some professional horizontal refreshment is damn slim. But they got a flight master what'll get you to Brackenwall Village or Theramore, dependings on yer race and/or affiliation. And if ya slip him an extra 3 or 4 gold, he'll put that obnoxious dwarf paladin behind you in the queue on a one-way flight to Freewind Post, so haves some fun with that.

As far as I knows, this be the last green exclamation point, Horde-side anyways. I hear Alliance went and snuck one in Ghostlands, nears that Zul'amanLand vacation spot. But that ain't my problem.


Gauntlet said...

This post is way more entertaining if you misread affiliation as affliction.

Oh noes! I gots ALLIANCE! Somebody get me some Jungles Remedy.

Anonymous said...

I hear Alliance went and snuck one in Ghostlands, nears that Zul'amanLand vacation spot. But that ain't my problem.

Oh really.. from what -I- heard it's all neutral and like.. AND it makes it so you can fly directly to silvery-moon city with all them namby-pamby blood elves without having to take the transporter from Undercity. If'n you're horde I means.

Sometimes hordie

Anonymous said...

Yeah us Alliance folk also got a new goblin flight master appear at the rebel camp up in the northern corner of Strangle Thorn Vale. Its nice now if I need to give Nesingway Jr. messages from his father I don't have to trek all the way from Darkshire(an Alliance town that you probably don't find too friendly) or from Booty Bay.

Anonymous said...

I just find it sad that it took blizzard so long to put the FPs in. I mean people have been complaining about the STV alliance trek for a long time. I'm glad to see that blizz takes ours crys so lightly. :\

Ratshag said...

Nibuca is correct (and I is wrong) - the flight path at Zul'amanLand is neutral, so I gotta go get that one too. Stupid buggerin' goblins. However, there is also a direct flight from Tranquilien to Bleedin' Heart Do-Gooders Chapel in Eatern Plaguelands, so Hordies can make the flight to belf country without going to Zul'amanLand first, if they chooses.

megan said...

As Alliance, the flight from Ironforge to ZA is soooooo long. ><

Anonymous said...

Oh those buggerin' goblins, always gotta mess up everyone's plans. I haven't even been down to that mudpit yet to get the flightpath.

Might as well one of these days though, if only for the collectors value.