Monday, December 10, 2007

Opinionate Away

Recentlies, the Big Bear Butt Blogger and Kestrel got into a discussion regarding the "If I’m going to stare at a butt for hours on end, I want it to be attractive" issue. They was polite and constructive and behaved like adults, and I /salute thems both.


In me commenting on the matter, I pointed out that even though I ain't a Nelfette or Humanette or Forsakenette, I still have a damn attractive butt. One that anyone should be happy to stare at. And that bugger Kestrel said he wanted a second opinion. So fine. Here be the backside of Ratshag. Opinionates away.


Valyre said...

The tight plate over your tush seems well-seated. The vermeil vertical lines highlight the muscular definition obviously hidden beneath.

The choice of a low-rise, skull-adorned belt was excellent, effectively drawing the eye down. Likewise with the cropped shirt, allowing your jade skin to provide chroma contrast.

You put the "fun" in fundament.

Anonymous said...

well said.

or to put it more simply, that is some damned fine orc backside.

Anonymous said...

Words escape me to respond to this.

Anonymous said...

Ratsy! The fact that you find male Orc butt hawt disturbs me. None-the-less I applaud your attempt to make the best out of a bad situation. If it were I would first person WoW all the time. :)

Dagashai said...

Didn't you used to be in a boy band?

That butt looks familiar...

Dammerung said...
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Dammerung said...

Bleh I can't think of anything snarky to say.

/summon doom and TJ

Anonymous said...




Natalie said...

First: new reader to your blog. Two words: LOVE IT!

Now to the serious business at hand (or is it "at butt-tocks"?). Maybe it's just me but those suspender things look like they are giving you a bit of a wedgie. It looks uncomfortable to me. Of course, you probably have an Epic Thong up under there, in which case, I totally get it.

Ratshag said...

I tell you buggers, I loves me the comments I get when I throw silly crap like this up. Really appreciates everyone dropping by and letting me know whats ya think.

@kakalakalalaki - It ain't that I find male oorc buts hawt. It's just that mine is special.

@urthona - Rofl!

@game dame - welcome to the silliness that be me world

Anonymous said...

First: Valyre, when I read your comment, I said to myself, "I sure hope that person blogs!"

Second: I'm still trying to figure out how, exactly, I want to discuss orc-butt. In my experience, the best-looking orcs have always been the ones with a bunch of my arrows sticking out of 'em and their faces (or, since 2.3, butts) chewed off by my cat.

However, I'm willing to accept Valyre's assessment. On the other hand...Sonvar pretty much nailed it for me.

And I had to laugh @ Game Dame's Epic Thong--but I wish she'd included the WoWHead Item #. (Oh wait...I think I know what/who drops it...)

Natalie said...

After Kestrel's comment, I realized that the concept of an Epic Thong was too good to pass up without offering some suggestions.

Cord of Screaming Terrors

Girdle of Hope

Girdle of the Endless Pit

Sash of Whispered Secrets

Waistguard of the Great Beast

Belt of the Fallen Emperor

Belt of Deep Shadow

Grasp of the Old God

Belt of Depravity

Anonymous said...

Coming from a Hunter Belfette- "I waaaaaants it."