Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Progress Report

Got an update from Dakoneris, the Night Elf twinky-dinky I's sponsoring. First thing I have to say is, Dude, nice pants. Or lack thereof. I knew it - Hydra's having her some fun dressing up her toy WSG warrior.
Lessee now, he's now in his fourteenth season. He reports that he and Miss Hydrargyrum (he talks so formal-like) have cleaned up some bandits in Westfall and evil druids in the Barrens. TRANSLATION: Hydra wiggled her fingers and slagged the poor buggers' faces off while Dak ran along behind with a wheelbarrow and scooped up loot. Looks like they pulled in some decent junk, too: Blackened Defias Armor, Cobrahn's Grasp, Gold-Plated Buckler, Venomstrike, Taskmaster Axe, Smite's Reaver, Serpent's Shoulders. Great googly moogly. I sure coulda used some of that when I were a young whippersnapper. Course he can't use none of it 'til he's a bit more seasoned, so right now he's got one huckuva bank account. Note that the shoulders and chestpiece is leather, not mail. Hydra likes her some leather.

And he says Miss Frigg (he so polite) sent him a Searing Blade, what just happened to be sitting in her bank account. Yeah-huh. Looks like Hydra ain't the only one having fun dressing up the lad.

So what's this boingy-eared warrior doing when he ain't showing off his legs for the wimmenfolk to make goo-goo eyes at and slip him blues? He says he's been studying engineering, progressing far enough to make hisself a pair of Flying Tiger goggles, which he's planning to replace with Green Tinted goggles soonish. I's pleased to hear he has his first aid and fishing skills maxed out, but the boy is lagging on his cooking. Tsk, tsk.

Well, all-in-all I'd haveta say the boy's coming along. And Hydra's doing a good job of helping him along, which I appreciates since there ain't nuthin' I can do fer the purple-haired bugger. Maybe another week and he'll be in Warsong Gulch defending the honor of the lumber, or whatever it is them Silvertoungue Sensibles do.

And yeah, I said I weren't gonna post for a while. Well, I changed me mind. Up yours.


Anonymous said...

Woo someone else says great googly moogly! I am curious though if this fellow ever wears pants and where you go to meet up with him to train since I'm sure slot of the places he's been you're not very welcome at. Also how do you communicate with the fellow since even I as a Draenei don't understand that jibberish of a language they have at times. Oh and Up Yours too lol

Euripedes said...

Grats on sponsoring the hottest night elf this side of the Portal.

Anonymous said...

Ratsy! For I am Alliance, so I hates the Horde with a desire that only rivals the Hatfield-McCoy feud. I do however have a soft spot for very few, ok only Ratsy, Horde so I won't go all Rambo on them. I'm finding it hard to swallow that you would help the other side. Us Alliance are already far superior, but if you want to make the gap larger by helping, by all means. :)

If you do want to help Ratsy, buy him a sense of fashion!