Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First Blood

This rotting piece of Forsakenflesh be DangerMouse. She's affiliated with Team Ratshag, but since she be in another serververse she's pretty much an independent operator. Say hello, you buggers.

Reason little DangerMouse be getting some recognition is she's the first Team Ratshag member to venture out inta a battleground and get her PvP thing on. Now, I ain't able to give her no monies or nuthin', and she'd never been planning on battlegrounding, so she went into battle with only a few quest or rep reward greens, and a dinky 441 heath. So good fer her. Apparentlies some of her teammates was less than thrilled with her assets, but that were just too bad, and most of the time nobody said nothing. I asked her about her first WhosOnFirst Gulch experience, and she sez "Well, Rats, it was all very confusing, but basically I ran to where the action seemed to be and stabbed people a lot." So there you has it.

She reported that her first match were a walk in the park, with a coupla heavy-hitters smashing up the Alliance side formation and allowing her to pick off stragglers. Turns out that were mostly beginner's luck, as her side ended up on the receiving end in her next four matches. Nevertheless, she picked up seven marks of honor and 120 or so honor points, putting her about a third the way to getting a sparkly new necklace, which'll set off the unhealthy pallor of her skin so nice.
1st WSG Results


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! If DangerMouse is on the move up I sugest sticking around 19 for a bit and using the marks to pick up the Rune of Duty

Congats on your first runs in WSG!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I still never got the whole WSG agenda. I mean how is bringing a flag across a field really helping anything? At least in Arathi Basin I'm protecting folks getting materials for my side and in Alterac Valley I'm helping to dispatch Frostwolf Orcs(Sorry Ratshag but they always attack me when I walk by to say hi). Eye of Storm only makes slight sense as those flags seem to generate power for the building. Not sure I quite understood how that worked though the Eye of the Storm people are very willing to give me tokens for helping to do so.

Anonymous said...

That was a very nice start.

Oh, and Sonvar here is a reason for you to do Warsong Gulch:

Anonymous said...

It all makes sense now lol

Ratshag said...

@Kat -

Thanks. Not sure what the future holds fer the Mouse, but yeah getting that trinket would be a good idea.

@Sonvar -

I thinks Tengu hit the nail on the head. Sorries about the Frostwolfen - they does tend to be a bit touchy.

@Tengu -

Good linkage there, mate. "By Way of Booty Bay" can be pretty dang funny, even if the wimmenfolk is drawn with bOOzOOngas so bigs even I'd be intimidatified.