Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yay on Them

Got another update from Dakoneris. (Sonvar asks how I get messages translated - answer is I pay a mage to run'em through some babelfish thingy. Dunno how it works - I can't be bothered to keep track of the details.) Anyhow, he says that Miss Hydrargyrum and Miss Aurum and Miss Frigg and Miss Jaxs has all been helpings him out with quests and gear and mats for his professions. And he thinks they's all damn fine peoples. So yay on them.

And until I can come up with some serious cleverfications, I can't do nuthin' to reciprofy. They's just doing it 'cause they nice (despite that one of'em is also evil). So I says double yay on them.

And Jaxs helped the lad get some decent pants today, so he won't catch cold runnin' around in that skimpy loincloth. I thinks that's for the best.


Anonymous said...

Well its good to know he has some pants as I've always appreciated having something cover my blue rear. That and I prefer most others to wear pants on regular basis. So where does a warrior such as yourself go exactly to teach this inexperienced night elf? Hopefully others understand you're teaching him and not trying to dispose of him. Thanks for clearing up how you communicate I even might need one of those babelfish to understand those silly night elves.

Gauntlet said...

I'm spoiled by most of your other posts having pictures.

And no offense to your sponsored elfy-boy, but you're a much more fetching orc than he is an elf.

Ratshag said...

@sonvar - Teach him? Teach him? Shoot, that boingy-eared bugger is on his own.

@gauntlet - Well, the next post is gonna have pictures, and none of them'll be elf-boy. Whether they gives you satisfactions, that's a chance you'll just haveta take.