Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is a Buncha Pictures and Stories

First offs, this here be Sabiba, me new arena teammate. Ain't she a tasty piece of elfflesh. Say hello, you buggers.
From the cold, uncaring viewpoint of dry unadorned win-loss record, we didn't do so great on our first week together. Especially since two of our wins were against this woman here. But so whats? It were spontaneous, we had some fun, nobody got hurt too bad, and I learned some stuff what'll help me do better next time around.

Sabiba also done hooked me up with a new guild. Is small, but bigger'n me old one was back when it were in business, and the folks has been real nice to me. This morning we was planning to stick our toes in the waters what be Kara fer the first time. Unfortunately there were some last-minute schedule issues what came up, and the raid weren't able to come off. But sooner or later we's gonna have us a date with Kara. And she'll order the lobster, and the waiter's gonna probably get the order wrong, and someone'll drop a tray of dishes real loud-like in the back they way they do sometimes, and I don't know where the fuhg I's going with this metaphor...
Anywho. Raid on Karazhan. Didn't happen this week, but I's hopeful it will soon, and I's gonna have me some fun when it do.

Has anyone notices what Skyguard Khatie done got herself a flying mount? Now ya don't haveta worries about steppin' on her when ya bring in her five aether rays. But of course most of you buggers is too busy off Sunwelling nowadays to pay poor Khatie a visit ain't ya. "I miss you" she says. Well, old Ratter ain't too busy to gets her some rays, and ta show her appreciations, not only did she pay me the usual 11.99 gold and fifteen shards, she done took me fer a spin on her new mount and initiated me inta what she called the "fifty-meter high club."

For a while, I helped out a young, randomly coherent druid trying to find raptors and pirates ta kill in the Barrens, which were funs. Is relaxing to hit funkertuppers so hards they leaves nuthin' but a smear reaching halfway to the next zone, ya know?

Well, Kara didn't work out but there's still work to be done fer a band of adventurers willing to lay it on the line. Fer examples, them evil time-manipulating dragons, what be different colored from the good time-manipulating dragons, is still trying to mess up the timeline to prevent Thrall from forming the new and improved Horde and losing his virginity in Tarren Mill. So me and some of me new guildies got together and went and saved history and whatnot. And Bell? Yer right, he's a total n00b. Face pulls, totally ignoring the kill sequence, crappy gear. But we managed to pull it off in spite of hisself.
'Course to do all this we had to disguisify usselves as pasty-skinned humans. Since I weren't tanking but was just supplying extra dps fer this run, I wore me "kill things fast" gear, which worked fine. But great googly moogly. Normally I looks like a deadly killing machine. But as a human, I just look like a uptight, psychotic scarecrow. Fuhggit.

After that we was all full of piss and vinegar and figured we give heroic ramps a shot. Pffft. Five minutes in, we had six adventurer skeletons and three dead fel orcs lying just inside the entrance. Okay, maybe we need to gear up some more before we try this.

Well, where's a good place to gear up young adventurers? How about MrT? We swapped out our tankadin fer a blasty shammy, and I switched into me tanking gear, fer the first time since .... bugger. Fer the first time since last November. Do you like me goggles? Made'em meself. Engineering pride, baby!

So anyway, we cleared to the first boss. I hasta admit, I were a little rusty and mistakish, and really buggered it up at one point. But these was cool lads I were running with, and we all just laughed a bit and dusted ourselves off and moved on. Were about enjoying the experience, and then that's how I likes to roll, ya know? Well, like I said, we got to Mister Selin "I has pretty crystals" Fireheart when the shammy says "excuse me, I be right back." Except she didn't. Huh. We's puzzled, and hopefuls what nothing serious done happened. But after a while things was clearly not going forward, so we hadda bail and went and did a buncha dailies togehter. Some of them goes a lot faster with four buggers all hitting'em at once, I tells ya.

Anywho, that's what I's been up to lately. What's up with you?


Bell said...

Wow, you've been busy! Sorry about the Thrall thing, but I did warn you :P

I can't wait to hear your Kara stories. Your restaraunt metaphor is pretty apt; you'll be fighting off skeletal waiters and patrons and putting your booted feet in ghostly meals while Moroes scatters everyone about the room.

Good luck!

Grimmtooth said...

@Bell, I was just going to mention those waiters!

They throw wine in your face, and it's been aging a few years so you can get pretty toasty in no time. As in: "immediately". Makes me wish I'd rolled warrior sometimes.

So, anyways, Rats, the service isn't so great, but they are VERY punctual! Just don't have the fish. Trust me on that one.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope ya get in Kara soon. As far as me lately I got my butt handed to me by the dead father of medivh who creepily sticks around in Kara. We've taken him down before but he keeps coming back but this time we couldn't quite get him still got another chance tomorrow if we try it. Other then that I've been leveling up one of those druidflesh types you like. Though you won't be touching this one

Anonymous said...

Things seem to be moving along, huh? Congratulations on the goggles and good luck on your trip to Kara. I'm going in for the first time this Thursday as an OT. Hopefully we can knock a couple back at the World's End Tavern this coming weekend and swap war stories.

Nick said...

Hmmmm... I never get to face naked women in arena for two easy wins. Of course, I don't have any steamy orcflesh to tantalize them with!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to take a minute to say hi. Hi. Fikkle and I have transfered some of our toons to Cenarion Circle, so if you see Abadon or Fikkle running around, say hi. I have to say, I love the blog, keep up the work, you have our support over here at to throw in one shameless plug!!))