Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Ring of Blood!

Blah blah ... Aetherial Circle ... blah blah ... Mount Hyjal ... blah blah ... Rage Winterchill ... blah blah... one-shotted ... blah blah blah.

Okay, let's talk about something interesting. Like me, and my shiny lewt from last night.

All starts when I log on, and Shu the Mage sez "Hey! Rats is 65! Let's go do Ring of Blood!" And Randomly Coherent Kel sez she'll tank it, and Squeaky Cay offers to do heals, and off we go.

Now, when I dids this the first time, it were me and three others from me guild, plus there were three or four Alliance buggers doing the same. We'd help them kill a flunkerdubber, then they'd help us. Was all real gentlemanly. But only about half that whole crew was 70s, and baby 70s at that. some blues, but fer sure no epics. And while nobody died, it were tough fights.

Last night were all different. Them other three, they's all in T4/ZA/T5 gear. Dang, that makes a difference. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ummm...... Bang! down when the contenders. And when it were all done, I got me a spiffy Battle Baton. I were real tempted to go with the Voidaxe, 'cause that did me real good in me warrior days, but Shu said that weren't so great fer priests.

So, here's some pics of the team and some of the cluggerthunkers we did for. Plus me afters with me new shiny.

I must say, even with the wolf head invisified, I's starting to look pretty clowny. Oh, well. Is a righteous looking staff of killing things, though.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't even tell ya had a staff till you took the shadow form off. Good to see ya still chugging along.

Anonymous said...

At least you lost the Tinkerbell Wand.

Anonymous said...

well done! gratz on your new shiny.

Khol Drake said...

And you don't look like a dingo ate your head anymore! Gratz!

Logan said...

Good to see you got that thing to stop gnawing on your noggin.

Ratshag said...

@Sonvar - Fer the pics with me in shadowform I still were equipping a dagger and tinkerbell wand off-hand thingy. Is why you don't see the staff. Dinged 66 later in the evening, so just four more levels of chugging to go.

@molinu - damn straight

@eus - thankee

@khol, logan - the dingo's still there, just invisified.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 65!!

Bell said...

Hee hee, my moonkin set still has that! Grats, Ratter ^^