Thursday, April 24, 2008

Running of da Bulls For Sharvan

Okay, I's sure all you buggers already knows this from reading Vertically-Challenged Huntard, but just in case here's all the details fer our Running of Da Bulls race:

Step the First: Roll up a level 1 Tauren on the Cenarion Circle server (not Cenarius - the ain't the same, no way, no how). Any sex, any class (except paladin; no holy cows). DO NOT leave the starting area, do any quests, go anywhere, or acquire any gear. You is encouraged to strip down to yer skivvies in order to gets better aerodynamifications.

Step the Second: Show up Saturday, May 3, before 4:00 pm Server time (is 7:00 in NY, 6:00 in TX, 4:00 in CA). Get yer game face on

Step the Third: There will be a voluntary Moo salute for Sharvan. More on that farther downs.

Step the Fourth: Run. Run, you glumpernuggin' cows, run! Get to Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands as fast as them big lumbering legs can. BRK done thoughtfully laid out a course here, but you is not required to follow it. Feel free to cut corners, exploit terrain, swim the lake, take the boat to Booty Bay, or run through the Western Plaguelands. Just so long as you gets to Hammerfall without teleporting, enchants, warlock summonizing, spirit rezzing, aspect of the lazy huntard and his friends, etc., etc., etc. Sure you could cheat if ya wanted to, by why would ya wants to? It's the journey what be the fun part.

For thems what ain't Horde, there's a zeppelin tower just outside Orgrimmar (don't go into the city itself). Zeps is just like boats - one comes by every few minutes. The Zep on the south side of the tower takes ya to Undercity (the zep what docks on the north side goes to Stranglethorn Vale, where the zombie pirate nagas is).

First person to get through to Hammerfall and open a trade window with me friend Zinzi be the winner. Once we gots a winner, I'm gonna start clearing mobs from near the road fer to make it easier fer people to get by - don't want nobody being stuck and frustrated.

Okay, about that moo salute I mentioned. Yesterday BRK and me's friend Sharvan passed away. Sharvan were friendly and nice and fun and a good person to have around, but most of all she liked to say "moo". I never knew quite why, but she said it with such enthusiasm and panache what it didn't matter why. It were just who she were, ya know?
BRK asked me yesterday if I thought dedicating the race to Sharvan would be okay, and I tolds him I thought it were a damn fine idea. Sharvan once told me she felt silly things were good things to have, and I think she'd have really gotten a kick outta several hundred taurens all mooing together. So, at 3:59 we's gonna invite you shaggy buggers to join us in saying "moo" as a salute to her memory. Is entirely optional, but please keeps in mind that silly don't mean it can't also be respectful. Thankee.

So there it be. Saturday May 3. Cenarion Circle. 4:00 ST. Gonna be fun - hopes ya can make it.


Unknown said...

The Andyc cow has been made (but not logged in). Hopefully I'll be able to make it. If I'm there, you can bet your horns I'll be Mooo-ing with the rest.

Khol Drake said...


Count me there.


Eustashius said...

sanfelipe of the one horn is ready to go!

Anonymous said...

Moo. Mooooooooooooooooooo!

Hey Rats, are we gonna be allowed to wear tabards? As in only tabards? The good folks at Pox Arcanum would like to show their solidarity by running around all color coordinated and what not. My now running Mage will be supplying tabards and guild tag for em if this be acceptable.



Anonymous said...

*claps excitedly*

This is a great idea!


Townes said...


Unknown said...

What day?

And server time is Central, not California. 4pm server is:

5pm eastern
4pm Central
3pm Mountain (why y'all always skip the mountain states?)
2pm West Coast

Ratshag said...

@Fikkle - Wear whatever ya wants, man. Got tabards? Wear'em with pride! Is about having funs, nor rules.

@doyce - Saturday, May 3. (post has now been edited for great justice). CC is a west coast server, so server time is CA time.

Anonymous said...


I have no idea what I'm doing that day, although I know I have an upcoming move sometime in the next month, but it sounds like fun and I'll certainly try to be there. I've already created Rarespawn the level one tauren shaman as a name reserve for it. :3

TheBigBearButt said...

BigBearButt the naked tauren is created and ready to race!


Scylloga said...

My cow is there name is Scylloga. BTW is TJ gonna be there in a Horde form? :P

Pilar Stewart said...

Cowpat is stripped down and ready to hoof it

(Cowpatty was not available to my sorrow)

moo to the nth degree

Logan said...

I'll be there, man.

Cow created, /moo macro is made, clothing is off.

Townes said...

BigRedCow is ready.

Malok said...

I did a pre-running run and posted the results on my blog. It was interesting and fun. :)

Go!Shawn! said...

Is there anything Alliance based Guilds can do to help? An Army of Juan on CC would be happy to help, perhaps as escort. Otherwise, I'll be there as a level 1 cow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ratshag, Is it OK if we run thru Dustwallow Marsh and take the boat out of Theramore?