Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Reached me 69th season now. In honor of such, I shall only be entertaining ladies of the dwarfish persuasion these days. But don't worry, all you lovely gnomes and taurens and other wimmenfolk of varying altitudes - I'll be 70 soon enough and then I'll be availables to all again.

In a separate subject, I cant helps but notice what me gear be looking pretty dang purple at the moment. Which leads me to the fact what I done crafted me first epic today: [Primal Mooncloth Belt]. Woot! Yeah, sure, it don't fit yet, but it will soons enough.


Anonymous said...

Gratz Ratshag. Also glad to hear you aren't discriminating of any of the womenfolk. And at least with Dwarven women you never have to worry about sudden bear syndrome.

Anonymous said...


Khol Drake said...

Dwarven wimmens are good because they are very sturdy and don't break easily.

>.> What?

Bell said...

Dwarves are hawt.

Rhoelyn said...

"In a separate subject, I cant helps but notice what me gear be looking pretty dang purple at the moment."

Dear Ratshag the Dwarfy Priest,

I highly recommend that you get used to it. I've been wearing gear in all kinds of shades of purple, reddy-purple, bluey-purple and violetty-purple nonstop since level 68. Being a nightelf, you'd think I could never get tired of the color, but even -I- am ready for some nice, leafy greens or sunny yellows.

At a certain point, a priest must simple resign herself (or himself) to the fact that all the best gear is purple.

... there's a pun in there, somewhere, I'm sure.

Best wishes,
~Rhoelyn, melter of orcish faces but lover of dwarfish ones.

Anonymous said...

Dwarven ladies have their charm. There's something hot about a woman who can keep up with you at the tavern.

Plus the accent's cute.

Fauxpas said...

Congratulations! That is great news.

Eustashius said...

Yay for Ratter!

Anonymous said...

Conga Rats!