Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nelfs Gone Wild (With Video!)

Hi everyone! This is Palintera.

I want to tell you about my adventures last night, but you have to promise not to tell my mother. Because if she knew what I'd been up to, I would be So Busted. So please promise not to tell. She thinks I spend my evenings singing in the moonlight with other druids, and then getting a full night's sleep and having a hearty bowl of granola at the crack of dawn...

What, Feral? You won't tell if I give you a what? While wearing a huh? Oh my goddess. Ummm.... okay.

Well, it all started off normal enough. Feralicious from Team Bell and I wanted to go into the Deadmines and give old VanCleef what for. Some of the other Sidhe Devils were interested too, and in no time we'd put together a full party. We had Xiliah from Alts Ahoy! doing haelz, and Linnaea from Team Ess at Outland Bound throwing down fire and ice, and Waldorph (from Team Mr. Ess) the feisty gnome on tanking duty.

We totally rocked the place. Cut our way through miners and pirates and goblins like the pros we are. Because Feral'd been there before, she already had the druid gear, so I got lots of new gear. I got boots and pants and a hammer of uber-leet dps, just like her. /happy Pali. Here's a few pictures I took as we worked our way through the mines:
Unfortunately, after taking down Mr. Smite and working our way onto the pirate ship, disaster struck. We had a bad pull, and just then Xil got DC'd. Uh-oh. Feral yelled "run away!" and Linn and I made it to the paddle wheel (which is safe 'cause pirates hate to jump), but Waldo and Feral didn't make it. /sad Pali. So, they had to res back at the entrance, while we hung out and danced and mooned the pirates. But there were too many fresh patrols by that point, and so they couldn't get to us and we couldn't get to them. So we ended up calling it a night without getting to see Mister "I'm mad just because I built a whole city and they didn't pay me" VanCleef. But next time! Oh, next time we're going to finish the job!
Feral and I went to Warsong Gulch for a bit after that. We one the first round easily, but after that we ran into a Horde premade and they HK-farmed us pretty bad two rounds in a row. /annoyed Pali.

So there we were, in Shattrath. Two druids, ready for anything. Yeah, we're young, but we're strong and tough and smart and sexy and someday we're gonna set the world on fire. Just you watch us!
So we went bar-hopping for a bit, until Feral almost got into a brawl with Haris Pilton. "Gonna make that skinny girl eat a sammich" she was muttering, when I said:

"Hey! 'licious! Let'sh go see the Dark Portal ...hic!"
"Can we do that?"
"Of courshe we can ...hic! Grab a coupla bottles and let'sh go."

So we hopped on a couple of gryphons and we went. It was amazing.

So, we hung out there a while. Feral was sitting with her back against the portal, and I was lying on the stones looking up at the sky and enjoying the view, when she said, "I don't like the way that Pit Commander is shtaring at ush."

"You don't, 'licious?"

"No. I do not."

"Well, what are you going to do about it, hun?"

"I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I am going to. Kick. His. Ass. ...hic!"

Well, she stands up and heaves a bottle at him and charges. And I charge with her. 'Cause we're a team. Damn straight. And we yelled the fearsome Sidhe Devils Battle Cry, which is basically "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!", real loud.
Okay, so maybe that wasn't a great idea.

Well, we limped off and licked our wounds. But we weren't going to let the night end like that. Not us. We signed up for fun and adventure, and we were going to get our fill. So we decided to streak Thrall. 'Cause, you know, he's such a n00b.

Okay, I'm not really sure at this point which of us came up with the idea. But it made perfect sense at the time, you know? It took us a while to get there, and then, well the guards? They weren't too friendly. I tried explaining that I was a friend of that amazingly awesome orc hero Ratshag, but that just didn't work. They were all "Ugzh nagakh thugle!" and then the nastiness with the axes.
Run, 'licious! Run!

So, we spent a lot of time as wisps, running back to our bodies, and then planning a strategy on how to get as far as possible before the guards caught us again. And somewhere along the the way we made a wrong turn and, instead of Thrall's throne room we stumbled onto these cultists down in a fiery chasm under the city.

See! There we are:

Well, it wasn't as flamboyant as giving the Leader of the Horde a couple of eyefuls, but killing cultists is always fun. So we put our armor back on and got to work. Feral got her bear on and I did haelz. You know, nobody in Team Ratshag has ever healed an instance before? I was the first. Yay on me! /happy Pali. We killed them even the bosses, and took their loot, which we totally didn't need. But it was fun-and-a-half anyway.
After we were done, it was getting soooo late. Way, way past a young druid's bedtime. So we ported to Moonglade and then flew to Darnassus. And there Feralicious totally had her way I mean, we made plans for next week. We're going to learn how to switch to aquatic form together. Mister Shag says this is a harbinger of the coming Walrus Apocalypse, but that's just him being silly.

Oh! I promised a video! Well, see, you know those herbs that look like silverleaf but aren't? Well, if you talk to the right trainer they can teach you some interesting things to do with them. But unfortunately the ones I gave Feral must have been a bit, ummm, off. Because at one point, she started saying I wasn't a wisp but that my beaten and bloody corpse was sliding along the ground next to her. I tried telling her that no, no I was a wisp, but she wouldn't believe me and sent a video of it. And all I can say is, huh.

Well, I hope you all are well, and Elune's blessing on you.



Bell said...

Thanks for being there for me during my first time, Pali.

I couldn't have done it without you. ;)

Ratshag said...

Oh, of course 'licious. I really enjoyed running RFC with you. It was really fun.

Or did you mean when we-

Oh my goddess.
/run and hide

Anonymous said...

Hehe that is priceless :D

Unknown said...

Nice writeup, glad you and Bell had so much fun after I had to go.

Also, Linnaea is Ess from Outland Bound, and Waldorph is Mr. Ess.

Ratshag said...


Thanks Nas! Sorry Ess! I was pretty sure it was you, but Mister Shag wouldn't let say so unless I could find Linn = Ess written somewhere, and I couldn't.

Dammerung said...

ROFL-gasp for air-ROFL again! Awesome. Think about charging at the pit boss and ROFL again. -cry-can't stop- ..... (beowulfa not dammy)

Eustashius said...

We have a guild battle cry?! I must have missed the memo...

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering how long it took ya to get from Shatt to the Dark Portal unless you had someone summoning ya as I can't imagine enemies in the Outlands being too friendly seeing someone of your experience out there.

Too bad you couldn't stealth towards Thrall and then moon him.

Ratshag said...

@Wulfa - I'm so glad you enjoyed my story :)

@Eus - Well, we kinda made it up on the spot. But now you know!

@Sonvar - Mister Shag discovered a long time ago that the Thrallmar / Honor Hold and Dark Portal flightmasters are freebies, like your home city. So if you can get a port to Shattrath, you can just walk up to the flightmaster there and say "one ticket to the Dark Portal, please" and you're all set!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Sharvan appreciates the /moo at the end.

And that hammer you got I don't think I replaced that till level 40 on my druid because no other weapons as a feral druid really give you any good stats till much later. Currently at 63 I be rolling with Ursol's Claw which is sweet.