Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dunno Why They's All Surprised

Is not like I hide me virility and general awesomeness behind a cloak of false modesty or nuthins. But apparentlies me being in Outland yesterday caught some glubbernunkers what ain't been paying attention off-guard.

On a different subject, has anyone else noticed that Doom Lord Kazzak sounds just like the Humungous?
Is like he took off the mask, sprouted some wings, and flapped off to Hellfire Peninsula, where he spends his day hollering "ALL MORTALS WILL PERISH!" and stomping on anyone clumsy enough to get too close while stealing his precious juice or chasing down an incandescent fel spark. Is really annoyings having to listen ta him jabber when I's all the way over in Honor Hold, killing fel orcs and whatnot. Here's some advice folks: don't aggro the demon with the 30-foot sword - he ain't that friendly, and you ain't that uber. Wish the guild would stop wasting time one-shotting Tidewalker and do something useful, like shutting this guy up.


Anonymous said...

You should have BRK try to misdirect him again

Dorgol said...

I got dumb and tried to get a Nightmare Vine that spawns at the base of Kazzak's ramp.

After I rez'd I noticed 2 other skeletons in the exact same spot.

Guess I ain't the only one that's dumb.

Anonymous said...

That nightmare vine is the bait in Kazzak's trap.

Anonymous said...

I was up there the other day (for the third time ever) doing dailys, and I had never seen him up there before. I had no idea he had such a large aggro radius and was farming for a primal fire while I was up there... I went after one near him... killed it and was looting the body. Then all of a sudden I've got this 100 ft tall badass with a 30 ft sword and like 5 other mobs that he aggro'd.


I ran about 10 ft and Feigned death and my pet got 1 shotted with over 13k armor, and 7k health. It was quite hilarious to watch.

Feign Death... FTW!