Friday, April 4, 2008

Humans Count Slow

This glubbernunker been standing outside the privy in Honor Hold fer several days now, demanding access to the facilities therein. He says he's a-goin' in at the count of 10, but he ain't gone in yet. Guess he counts real slow.

On a related subject, What. The. Fuhg. Are. They. Feeding. The. Soldiers???!?!!? Great googly moogly. Unless the poor bugger inside is dead or sumthin' he has got some serious business going on. And the fellah on the outside ain't crapped his britches yet.

I'm thinkin they needs more fiber in they's diet.


Anonymous said...

He's just trying to get out of work but his normal work ain't enough for those around to care. Basically, so that he doesn't have to do anything he acts like he has to use the bathroom all the time. If you simply opened the door you'd see no one is inside. I mentioned this once to the officers and they said they were better off without his work. Saying the only reason he was here is because his father is one of the higher officers and forced his son to join the alliance armies.

So he's not slow just under the bad impression that no one suspects he is trying to get out of his duties. Though you should see how red his face gets when he starts his count again and you open the door right then. Kept me amused for a few days.

Siha said...

Humans count slow? What about Cro Threadstrong? He's been giving that fruit seller "one more hour" for months now... either he can't count, or he can't tell time.

Ratshag said...

@sonvar - Thankee fer the clarificationization

@eleanor - is a fair point. Cro's one of them bountry bumpkin Mag'har. They's the ones what weren't up to the job of being a peon when me ancestors invaded the Swamp of Sorrows, and so got left behind. Tells ya something right there, don't it.

Anonymous said...

Not a lot of options for fiber in Hellfire, and what's there is constantly getting scooped up by herbalists. Those guys have been livin' on buzzard and boar meat for a very long time, which does not promote regularity.