Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I know a Bugger what knows a Bugger

So, I's sponsoring this boingy-eared warrior what's gonna go be a Warsong Gulch twink. All this means is that we share a RL avatar. I can't provide him no material support, 'cause (A) he's Alliance, and (B) he be in an entirely different serververse. At first, I'm thinking that's fine - I ain't interested in choosing sides in that Whoresong Gulch Ninnyfest. But, I thought some more, and figured the boy's gonna need some enchants, and maybe a few extra pieces of gear what can't be found in the red-mask bandido and whacked-out druid dungeons. And bugger knows I gots plenty of cash and nuthin' to spend it on these days. So I could buy him the goods he's gonna need easy. It be the getting it to him what be tricky.

So I'm talking to me houseservant Boy Friday about this. Friday's a simple creature, but he never leaves Orgrimmar, and sometimes he hears stuff while he's hanging out in the auction house or by the mailbox. "You got any thoughts on how we could help this poor nuggerchumper out?" I asks. "Ain't like we can count on that heartbreaker Aurum to break open her piggybank fer him alongs with everthin' else."

"Hmmm .... I know a bugger what knows a bugger. Give me a coupla days, boss. I see what I can come up with."

So, I stockpiled up stuf while I waited. I smithed up a iron counterweight fer his two-hander, I found a coupla righteous orbs to get a Crusader enchant (no, not them righteous orbs!), a pair of hulking boots for his hulking nelf feet, a snazzy cloak, and various shards and dusts and whatnot fer stamina and strength and agility enchants. Cost a few hundred gold all told, which weren't too bad.

So then I go check with Boy Friday, and he sez "Here's the deal. You give me the goods. I's gonna give'em to this shady character in Tanaris (no names!) what's gonna put'em on the auction block there. Then this other bugger's gonna buy them and give'em too this to Salmanella (she's this hummy warlock what be a junior member of Team Ratshag) in Ironforge. Then you gotta bribe the BlizzarGods to send her to Dak's serververse, where he can hands'em over to him."

Now, normalies I can't be bothered to keep track of the details, but this one were kinda important, so I kept an eye on things best I could. The transfer at the Gadget auction house went without a hitch. Once Sal had her hands on the goods I submitted me bribe petition to the Blizzardgods. They said it could take up to three days, but it were actually only about an hour and a half 'til Sal were transported over. She then delivers it all to Dak, easy as choppin' bunnies. Now he just needs ta get his purple-haired butt up to the 19th season, and he'll be good to go.


Lance said...

Wow this bugger that knows a bugger knows some shady buggers good thing those goods you spent so much on didn't "disamappear" somewhere in the darkverse.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I woulda guessed that security on a deal like this is high... but making the Scuzzy-looking bugger wear his eye-patch over his good eye! That was some good thinkin on Friday's part.

megan said...

Watch out for the Feds.

Anonymous said...

Too much Red Tape anymore

Anonymous said...

Now you see what he did there? It's intel like this that makes me keep coming back here!