Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wait, Tell Me Again Why I'm Naked?

'Cause yer beatin' on this big fuppernudder Azaloth.

Yes, but-

Ya needs ta git yer kung fu skills up.

I understand, but why-

This bugger is banished, sorta permanent-like. So ya can beats on him and nobody gets hurt.

Of course. Though, I don't-

Kung Fu is important, case ya gets disarmed.

Yes, I know-

Or yer weapon breaks.

Right. But why do I-

Don't wanna be useless in a fight, do ya?

No. Absolutely, I get it. It's just-

Plus, there's an achievement in it. Knucklicious, or sumthin'. I cain't be bothered ta keep track of the details.

Of course not. Speaking of details-

Is gonna take ya a while of beatin' on this bugger ta get to 400, though.

Well, yes, so anybody could walk by and-

And during that time somebody might decide for ta mess with them 'locks keeping him banished.

Yeah! And then they'd see-

And since yer mind mighta wandered off a bit during all that repetative punching, ya might not notice what he's suddenly unbanished and eating yer face off until it be too late. And then yer armor'd get all mussed, which'd be no good. So is best ta do it starkers, just in case.

Uh huh. I'm not sure this isn't all just some elaborate scheme of yours to generate blog fodder. Come see the naked paladin, or something. Hey! Where are you going? Ratters? ... Ratters! ... RATTERS YOU BETTER NOT BE BLOGGING THIS!!!


Anonymous said...

I see London, I see France...


Blog Fodder > Being Dressed

Khol Drake said...

It's okay, Kinna, Ratters is right. The best way to practice your kung fu is naked, in the middle of Shadowmoon Valley...That's how I practice my fists and feet of fury.

(I think she bought it, Ratters, can I have my 10g, now?)

Anonymous said...

Have 10g? He made me pay 10g!

Anonymous said...

Well done, instant classic with which to end the year. :)

(And grats to Kinna!)

ComputerSherpa said...

Next time, Kinna, just grab a tabard and wear that. Repairs on those are free.