Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jessika Was Right

It's a frickin' ugly-ass log!

mutter mutter old one looked mean mutter goofy mutter mutter squishies better not frickin laugh mutter mutter mutter


Anonymous said...

It may be a log but it's a mean log at that

Gauntlet said...

It is a LOG, with ROCKS stuck to it... on a STICK.

It's the ultimate caveman weapon.

Also, it glows in the dark a little. Go stand in some shadows and see how bright it remains.

Khol Drake said...

This is one of those times I'm glad I took up the sword rather than the club.

Bell said...

I like it.

Suptail said...

Hunter's axe: Eagle head and wings.
DK's axe: Raptor head that glows blue. Seems you got a pretty ugly blade... stick... log.

Dranei's got a measly little dagger.