Wednesday, December 17, 2008

She Weren't Me First...

...but she were the first for ta leave me a comment what still be blogging. And she's also been one helluva damn fine friend. Who is?

Is Almost Evil Hydrargyrum - she's cute, in a show-no-mercy drain-your-soul liquid-at-room-temperature kinda way. Go checks her out. Left me a comment waaaay back here, on me old blog.

And since ~One Among A Huge Freakin' Bunch~ started this memememe, I supposes I needs ta tag some other buggers. So here goes:
Bananarama Shoulders
Kalloplaiee the Crafter
Mysticalish Chicanery
Way Too Many Annas

Post on yer own blog, leave a comment here, or pretends ya never saw this. Whichever creams yer twinky.


Anonymous said...

hehe yay! Good feelings all around!

*hug attack from Snugglekins*

Hydra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hydra said...

So long ago. So much killing in between.

You're cute too hun.
*pinches your... nose*

Siha said...

Bananarama! Whee! (Now I have Love In the First Degree stuck in my head.)

My first commenter was, in fact, Leafy - on my very first blog post.

See, it's all Leafy's fault.

Kusamoto said...

Good 'ol Kelmar tossed my first comment my way...which isn't saying much, since I just started this thing up last month. Amazing that you and others have been doing this for so long. I can't say I'll be able to keep it up with any kind of regularity due to kid #2 showing up, but I applaud y'all just the same.