Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Galertruby's Guide To Preparing For 10-Man Naxx

Garhhl. Gahhl galha Garrrahhalagh.

Gllah gahr allahhgrl ghallagl gah. Agh glahhgl glahhgl garrh gahhlahr glahhr, ga gallhahl! Aglhha gahllragl gllah aghhrla gahhllrah gah glaghhlh glahh. Aghahll garhhr glahhlglhaarhga ghallah allha, garrharlh agghal ga arhhh galahhargh. Glallh garrh, gahhlahglahhr agglh ahghlagl glagglha ga arhhh.

Gaghaha aglah agghr laghalagh grahagl, gaghaha glhahg agrgha laghahrag. Glhaggla agg larhg galhagga ghaha alahg, glah, gahaghga gahlgal allahg glha:
Glaglha gha, aggrahgl lahg gahhaglarh. Garrh glahaggl glha agghalarg agglahar ghaggl aglha. Agglh ahghlagla agh grrhal, gallha gra gahhllha gallraghl ahl lagglarh. Gahhaga:

Glahhgrl glah arrlh aggrhala gahhl glha. Glahg grahhglh glhhlhalha gahhr garrha, aglh glhha gharhl. Glhagl gllha ahhr glahhlglhaarhga ghallah allhag. Gllha garrharlh aglhha gahllragl. Gllah aghhrla gahhllrah gah glaghhlh glahh, gahhl aghhr garahhghlahhrgh aghraahl glhahhl gahhlah. Glah aghr Ghrallhahl gha gahrrlagahr agh gahlagh. Agghlagh garrh arhhlagh gahl grah glahhghl. Glahgl arhlg glah:
Glhargal glah agglha arglhaglh, gahalg aggla gahrlagghl. Laggharlag agglha gah. Aglh aglha gallh gahll gahrrallah. Agrhh glagglha gha ghrallhalha ghagglha gaharrgh glha agglahg, agh argalagh gahhll garhh ahhghr glahh.

Alhhagh gha,


Anonymous said...

and just when the day seemed destined to be abysmal, Galertruby swooping in to save the day! What a fantastic guide! So full of win!


Kusamoto said...

/cleans up desk

Ow. Coffee out the nose...so painful...caffeine in sinuses...owieowieowie

That was hilarious. I especially like how Galertuby links stuff to wowhead exactly like he talks. Made of awesome, kind Sir.

Anonymous said...

full of win!
but, please elaborate on the use of Laghl gahagllarahgahalhgrhagl and Allagha gha glahhal? he got me stumped there!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the guide - I was wondering about the mechanics of that second fight!

Darraxus said...

Lol, Galertruby is my favorite.

Kusamoto said...

I'm smitten with Ellspeth, personally. But really, who hasn't dated the psycopathic goth warlock chick before and regretted it when they woke up covered in chicken feathers and cow entrails?


...maybe that was just me...

Anywho, my main is an Undead tank, so I have a soft spot for Galertruby; but I'm still not giving him my jaw. Them's the breaks, kid.

StaggerLee said...

Ah +deep breath+ Ha ha ha hhahahaha!

Once again I am reminded why this is my preferred wow-blog!!


Kusamoto said...

Which reminds me...I demand an Ellspeth and DangerMouse update. OK, maybe not "demand." How about "stringently request?"

aerynn said...

While I agree with most of the post, I think Galertruby made a mistake on OOX-09/HL Distress Beacon.

I think a real chicken would have been more useful for the strat... Kel'thuzad and his cronies will see through that in no time.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well done, Galertruby! #1 on "preparing for Naxx" at Google! :D

Hydra said...

I always knew I would learn the most from dead people.

Cosmos said...

#1 on Google. HA!

That'll surprise a few raiders looking for a few good strategies.

Unknown said...

No need to be surprised. You can't go wrong with Gha.

DrkSnpr14 said...

King Mrgl-Mrgl's Spare Suit is the key to victory.