Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aggro. Kinn Has It.

Hello gentle readers.

I reached my 75th season yesterday and, after talking it over with Ratters and my trainer, decided to re-train as a protection paladin. A tank. So I put down my one gold coin to reset my talents, and then got it wrong picking my new ones.
So I put down my five gold coins to reset my talents, and a few minutes later I was a tank. Blessing of Kings. Avenger's Shield. Hammer of the Righteous. I has them. Skillz?
::nervous grin::
I get back to you on that.
Well, less than half an hour later, my GMs Fio and Ban were looking for a tank for a den of Nerubians called Azjol-Neruboob (at least, that's whan Ban called it...) and hey! Guess who was available! Couple other people and in we went. In the tunnels. With the bugs. Have I mentioned that I hate bugs?
Okay, well, at first I was pretty newbish. I had some trouble remembering what I was supposed to do to manage the mobs (and it didn't help that I'd forgotten to lock my spells down and I sorta "lost" consecrate for a bit there) and, well, there were a few deaths. But a couple resurrection spells and we were back in business. And we got that place cleared out, yes we did.
So. What's up next? (Hopefully with not so much bugs.)


Anonymous said...

That pulling consecrate off your spellbar? Yep, a bug. Uh huh, sure'nuff is. Big UGLY bug, even.

Anonymous said...

Kinn, hate to break it to you, there will be more bugs and just when you are done with bugs the snakes come into play.

Anonymous said...

You didn't Northend was just all undead did ya?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of tankadins, Kinn! The nice thing about being the tank is that you're the center of attention. The healer gives you his or her complete attention, and after showing off the shiny power of the Light in the form of flying hammers, shields and being particularly Judging, everything you're fighting focuses on you too!

Except when the dirty so-and-sos have a deaggro. And then are taunt immune. I hate the skirmishers in Azjol'Nerub for that reason.