Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm Not A Hero...

I've been doing my best, Alex, but it's hard to be a hero. I killed poor Emmy Malin, thinking she was the enemy, but it turned out she'd been forced to serve the blues and was secretly sabeutaging them. And I completely messed up with that frickin' troll Drakuru. And *sharp inhale* Keristrasza... I just ... can't seem to get anything right.

Hush, child. You are a soldier of the light, and your path is neither simple nor easy. There have been setbacks, yes, but you have also accomplished much, and there is the strength within you to overcome the challenges ahead. You have done much to aid us and the other factions in this war. I have  faith in you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least Drakuru in Zul'drak is like "hey, how're ya goin? want a tour? okay, cool. Now, come on, I got some more free stuff for you..."


Nicest willing member of the scourge ever.

Khol Drake said...

Being a hero is overrated. Remember, the world is full of dead heroes.