Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is Where Kinnavieve Does Penance

Err ... uh ... pirates? Pirates killed Big Roy, you say?
:: nervous grin ::
That's ... uh ... terrible. Really, really terrible. 
:: shuffles feet ::
Just to make soap? And ... uh ... now the sea lions won't ... ahem ... mate? That's ... well ... just awful. I'm outraged.
:: glances around ::
You said pirates did this, right? Well, I'd be glad to help .. uh ... out. With the fish and the ... er ... repopulating. Terrible, terrible pirates.
:: nervous grin ::
Okay, I'll go get right on that. Bye!
:: scurries off ::


Niniel said...

I felt really bad there :/

Bell said...

You're in troooooooooouble.

laura said...

In three days I'll be exalted with the Kalu'ak... and I have helped many many of those swimming cows fall in love.

And I have yet to see a single baby!

Anonymous said...

I...I...Somehow I missed this quest. I must investigate this immediatly, and have fun with the sea cow mating! er..making the sea cows fall in love. >.>

Unknown said...

You have to finish the chain for the Kaulaks in Howling Fjord to get this quest.

Anonymous said...

That one isn't as bad as being sent to kill a girl who turns out to be a good spy. :-(